Here's a tutorial for arm movements with the melbourne shuffle. FMS// Javi

Presented by DJON Production... don't mind the kick... trying to get back my old shape...
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26 Responses to “FMS//Javi Tutorial: Shuffle Arm Movements”

  1. AnimeGeekLover2000 says:

    u talk too much! 😀 

  2. TaraAnne0022 says:

    @FMSHardstyle  their not very nice in the comments…. but thanks, ALL THE TALKING, SOLVED MY QUESTIONS.

  3. djsaturn14 says:

    very helpful!

  4. Dome98Otaku says:

    Dude nice tut. 🙂 im already good at hand movements but I think this still helped me alot!

  5. @scoot5712 dude the top mean comments on top pissed me off when i seen yours i busted laughing cheers

  6. ThEStArE94 says:

    yeah man we know its you again… this is your video, stop telling us

  7. I’ve just tried to do some motions from other videos, but this did give me a couple new ideas, and thank you for that 🙂 To all the trolls who bitch about him talking too much – how else can you explain it?

    To your kick demonstration [some constructive criticism]- sort of a cool idea with the sweeping motion, but while you’re kicking you aren’t moving your back feet, and that sort of gets rid of the illusion that you’re gliding. Try moving it back and forth like you’re running-man-ing

  8. JackJack2k says:

    ive been shuffling a year, and my arms still suck xD

  9. you need to get to the point and even when you do you look like a retard so if i was you i would stop shuffling cos you look like a retard….just saying

  10. bro seriously you do talk to much, rip into it, then do voice overs.. would work better

  11. next time you make a video, put a paper bag on you face so we cant see your fucking face.

    great shuffle btw

  12. TakeYouToSchool says:

    thanks dude

  13. Thomasfranke1990 says:

    Nice 😀 I like that tipps 😀 Of course I’d bring in my own style to it but this is good 😀 my shuffling is not bad at all but my armwork suck from time to time xD Thanks for the help 😀

  14. o0oThUnDeRAnGeLo0o says:

    hey good work,if there`s something i can get improved,it`s only the hand movements…THANKS!:D

  15. You can go on with tutorials like this! I find it helpfull what you said and thanks for taking the time to help people like me to get better!
    (Sorry for my bad english)

    Greetings from Germany!

  16. the move for the t-step looks gay

  17. Personally i think the talking helps. Because if you wanted to just learn without someone explaining then you could just watch one of the thousands of shuffle meetup videos.

  18. you tutorial is the best man….! congratulations!!!!
    muchas gracias eres un capo!

  19. SHUFFLINxninja says:

    toooo muchhh taaallk !!

  20. jordanlau1 says:

    @FMSHardstyle actually its kinda more like melben :P im aussie


  22. Mannypacquia0 says:

    @BabyIce17 you must feel like a jackass for saying that

  23. very good and detailed tutorial, nice moves 🙂
    1 sub, 1 friend invite and 1 tutorial suggestion 🙂

  24. TheNikolaniko says:

    do something with your hands bro, then you would be great.

  25. @arwopl hahaha it’s hard to record in the club, the quality of my camera is not that good…
    Had my friend recorded me in the club but dunno where the video is… lolz

  26. Put the socks and shoes on uR feet, go to the club and record uR moves! :)