A while back for my ICT class I had to edit and produce a video for my school work. The piece of work we were doing was pre-production and post-production, and therefore required some video editing, although nothing special. This was recorded by Denis 'FoLm' Barinov during a Dance Generation UK dance meet-up with Manchester Rockers (in Manchester, England) a few months back when D*G UK was still open (I was the team creator/leader...whatever). Unfortunately, I dropped out of school 3-4 weeks back during the final month of 6th Form (Senior Year High School) :/ 🙁 Anyway, enjoy.

5 Responses to “FoLm – Melbourne Shuffle (School ICT Project Work)”

  1. denisbarinovx says:

    @AlexTehGr8 Sorry for a late response, but no matter how much I practise my legs won’t go any faster and my body won’t move any smoother I guess it’s something that’s inside of me so I guess this is my best I can get to, thanks for a tip though =)

  2. AlexTehGr8 says:

    Cool but you should put more energy into it and it’ll look a lot smoother

  3. Awesomee ! ^-^

  4. nice ^^

  5. denisbarinovx says:

    Hahaha at the end xDD Thanks a lot Danny! The editing skills really impressed me! And I’ve noticed that you’ve squashed the video at the end as I said before how do they do that and I must say it looks really cool! Hehe! Thank you for making this vid! I really appreciate it! =) And Sorry to hear that you’ve dropped out of school 🙁
    ~ FoLmyyy