Rocking to some music i love, at the place i can dance like i want.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Took some time to finish this project... well worth the wait imo! track: Jean Elan - Killer (Jean Elan Mix) TAGS: melbourne shuffle lights out jean elan killer mix uhs unitedhardstylerz electro house best canadian shuffler xilent gravity hardstyle hardstyler 2012 amazing canada vemf techno light dance remix

33 Responses to “Forest of Fate. [Melbourne Shuffle]”

  1. TheElsgaard says:

    @rockalelee uhm, it stands at 0:15, in the corner? o.o

  2. rockalelee says:

    wouuu AWESOME dance & music <3 5/5* please , please , please ! what is the name song ????? PLEASE T___T

  3. awesome ;3


  4. IHKJasonakaBladeZ says:

    You style really looks like DasHackii’s now 😀 really smooth and lots of variation now bro, keep it up! :D

  5. HardMover7 says:

    every your video is so inspirating for me <3
    I love it so fucking much :))
    Like !!
    HERO | BH | DD | Radis

  6. Yooyoyoy Bro =)
    Realy awesome Video !
    Nice Song,Great Location o.O  and nice Edit =)
    Inspirate me … 😉
    GreeZ R!sK

  7. LP6Giaco13 says:

    really like it! :) awesome rock 😛

  8. MrEmilowitch says:

    du gør mig stolt over at være dansker :’)

  9. Marsunbi2nd says:

    So damn awsum!^^,
    Love your shuffle! =)
    IMO you have made other videos with better colour correction, but still pretty awesome :]
    BH | Marsunbi

  10. UpsetShuffle says:

    yeah …. but your hair now has sexy ;9

  11. KissHardstyle says:

    very nice bro 😀

  12. ghanoe753 says:


  13. OMFG!!!
    Dit edit<3<3
    Syntes at det er helt fantastisk med DIT shuffle til!
    Endnu engang, så minder dine videoer mig om frihed!
    Bliv endelig ved!

  14. WarBandiT2020 says:

    IMO is perfect


  15. xlouisele says:


  16. wow nice shuffle guy 😉 like it

  17. BassNeuroticJordz says:

    crazy video but alot of light.

  18. i like it 🙂

  19. TheDjshock123 says:

    dreamly forest and pro shuffle 🙂

  20. nice video, the editing is so awesome 😀

  21. nice ^^
    – BI // MaYaa

  22. sTAMPEvideos says:

    you have cut your hair 😀

  23. ieatkidz4breakfast says:

    I would favorite this video if it was called Forest of Fate 😀

    nice shuffling elsgaard :)

  24. Chhaaiinnz says:

    I like the spin at 0:48 (: wicked video, love watching yours!

  25. Sick SHIT!

  26. UnitedHardstylerz says:

    @RePxBlackOps thanks for stopping by!

  27. RePxBlackOps says:

    just terrible

  28. NoctisWanderer says:

    if this is your chill style after lights out i wanna chill with u! 😀

  29. alexcouch100 says:


  30. lmaoshaun says:

    I just realized. You’re secured by ADT, it says so on your door at 0:20. This shit shouldn’t happen haha

  31. lmaoshaun says:

    Well done, good sir. Absolutely smashing, I must say! Quite!

  32. dodo3locin says:

    fine stuff ! fits absolutely to the song , well done !

  33. awesome done,I like it(fav)