Number 4 @ shuffle comp final chapter in JB -Kechik aka Speedodevo-*Phd Dark Blue* -Abang- *Phd BLack* -Aboy- *Phd Baby BLue* -Achong- *Phd REd*
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50 Responses to “Forever Progressing@City Square”

  1. italyboy2009 says:

    lol my last comment 10 month ago xD

  2. italyboy2009 says:

    the peoples:” technoligic ** wooh!!** technoligic**wooh!** xDDDDDDDDD

  3. SpenceProductions93 says:

    abang isnt abangben

  4. tantsesan13 says:

    bagus tauu……

  5. lolzjojie says:

    abang tu abangben ka???

  6. pechintamuzik says:


  7. Muhaiminsuper says:

    bising laa…

  8. armylemah says:

    jecit cam pukimak die g….nk tgok video pon x senang…

  9. piicks says:

    lol number 4 did that mean they only got on 4 place or is it the number 4 video because that is so sick shuffle that is number 1

  10. susucapjunjung says:

    i word…….

  11. odevisky says:

    Wow, I love the coordination!!!

  12. Shufflezz92 says:

    perh macam pasar borong je jerit2 macam la die dengar

  13. chipsmore360 says:

    kechik samok abis siak..
    jri cam @$#%@$@#$..
    S.Y men terabuh leh dpt no 1..
    korg no.3 an..
    time niew aq ngok dri atas..
    rmai glew kt bwah..


  14. radhio8tive says:

    whats song at 00:57????

  15. radhio8tive says:

    giler lah….
    bapak smat….
    tapi aper ke gila judge bg no 3….
    comment sket guosen a.k.a Ayah Jusco And Citysquare…….

  16. zExkEw says:

    scuk man is a vy great video keep it up man hardstyle republic 4ever man 😉

  17. michaelnshit says:


    btw the synchronization is sick as

  18. ariff99 says:

    pehh siap promosi baju
    HR limited edtion seeootttt
    baju warne putih tu baju limited edtion kan..??

  19. nudgeprh says:

    love HR!!!!

    CDS Batu Pahat

  20. adamgoncalves says:

    I Love You, Mr GuoSen. xD

  21. Speedodevo says:

    thx beb ^^>

  22. saiful123 says:

    tracks list ?

  23. lanevochris says:

    did u guys win? comparing with other groups, either shifter of you guys wouldve bagged gold right? good job.

  24. Speedodevo says:

    comp buyer cam nie.. macam mane nak menang

    kalo kau ade sane

    kau sendiri bley judge ..

    sape suare pada hari tuw..

    jgn tanye aku kenape

    sbb judge macam puki..

    x rety menilai ..

    kalo pro sgt.. suruh die shuffle laa

  25. baxx88 says:

    ko r ayah malaysia..

  26. hotstaffder says:

    love ur style dude…
    aku rse ko r plg style..hehe

  27. Awockeez7 says:

    Speedodevo Rawkz!

  28. Awockeez7 says:

    Terbaek wokk!!
    susah nk dtg penang huh?
    wat performance kt penang plz..

  29. DreamBloody says:

    speedodevo owns damn! (H)

    anyone can tell me the  2:05 songname???

  30. kit99999999 says:

    HAY I CAN SEE ARIL lOL hahaha

  31. kit99999999 says:

    haha dude look at my vids man i shuffle excatly llike him

  32. ichigorukawa5443 says:


  33. SensAtion1994 says:

    which date u started shufflin man?

    you are a sick rocker .. speedodevo ftw

    my fave from hardstyle republic 😉

    really enjoined your videos ..

    keep rawkin bro, never quit shufflin (:

    greetings -sensAtion.

  34. 700spiderschwein007 says:

    lol german song

    tanzen oder ficken oder tanzen oder ficken xDDDD
    sex or dance ,sex o dance xDDD
    greeeeez ;D

  35. JaviMGL says:

    2:05 songname???

  36. techmaster004 says:

    what is the 3rd song?

  37. XxXTooHardcoreXxX says:

    Lass uns tanzen oder ficken, oder beides!

    Let’s dance or fuck, or both

  38. pepphell says:

    this is sick!

  39. JaviDeAce says:

    i <3 him, he is so great *.*

  40. cs4ever14 says:

    We Love you SpeedOdevo ,you Are US Inspiration *—* <3

  41. liveshuffle says:

    fucking nice:)
    intro track??

  42. iamnakpro says:

    lausy pub

  43. ShLeo1611 says:

    yeahh mannn you are the best xD!!


  44. 2slow2went says:

    cOOll :] did you know that
    the song by 0:40 lass uns tanzen oder ficken
    means lets dance or fuck ^^

  45. ipamyname says:

    mcm muka jepun je , hakhakk , :DDDDD

  46. syedhardstyle says:

    aku nk jd mcm ko…woohoo…ko shuffle paling stylo

  47. syedhardstyle says:

    speedo shuffle paling best…stylo giler.

  48. choasbomb says:

    nice shuffle man! my idol ^_^ wats 1st name songs?

  49. Lukman65 says:

    kelakar giler (2:06) hahaha!! shuffle jogetonggeck!!

  50. PhDStewart says:

    caya la…spedodevo rawkz.~