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Jordan& Jv from 7 sparkz Song used: Glowing Dreams by Syko-G

25 Responses to “Freakehh & Shuttle Collab. Melbourne shuffle”

  1. SuperGuy209 says:

    DUDEz are so SICK at shuffle

    they look´╗┐ like they’re fuckin GLIDING c’mon

    i wish i can do THAT!

  2. darkSTandrew says:

    it’s not called softstyle, it’s called´╗┐ “old school shuffle” if i’m not wrong

  3. TheAsgeremil says:


  4. This type of shuffle consider as soft style´╗┐ ?

  5. this is when shuffle juz started and that time no such thing´╗┐ as soft style or hardstyle.its all same

  6. this shuffle consider softstyle´╗┐ ?or freestyle?

  7. shafake28 says:

    syko g la….
    he made dat´╗┐ sosng,…!

  8. sykoG? malaysia´╗┐ DJ?

  9. axkzmonkey says:

    Glowing´╗┐ Dreams by sykoG laaaa

  10. cyroghenics says:

    its ~~ganjaguru-glow shufflers theme´╗┐

  11. its glowing dreams´╗┐ by sykoG

  12. the one with the with´╗┐ stuff on his pants is better

  13. this is awsom but´╗┐ is it just me or do u guys do the same thing ova n ova again?

  14. XxshadowxXVinX says:

    i wan to learn´╗┐ shuffle
    i know abit but not smooth

  15. cyroghenics says:

    ganjaguru-glow shufflers´╗┐ theme

  16. kellychaiying says:

    sweet shuffling… me´╗┐ like

  17. tennisnohimesama says:

    Wow…This is incredible! Looks awesome! Can`t wait to go see it. Hopefully it`s still popular when I go to Melbourne.´╗┐

  18. malvinyong says:

    whr can´╗┐ i get tis musie

  19. weijunJv says:

    for ur info..this is´╗┐ not ganjaguru-glow shuffle theme..

  20. shafake28 says:

    this is ganjaguru-glow´╗┐ shuffle theme….

  21. go taylor´╗┐ la..

  22. how to get´╗┐ those pant in malaysia .. PM me

  23. nice song!!and nice shuffling!!´╗┐

  24. wei Jun!! wooooo´╗┐

  25. Hardstyler67 says:

    i need this song but i cant find it´╗┐ anywhere!!!please someone up it and pm me please!!!