100% Strength!!! lets join us...!!! lets join FUNKAFACTION WEBSITE..!!!! funkafactionmalaysia.ning.com Funkafaction Shuffle Comp @ Plaza Alam Sentral. (1st Place). Syuthong... Ejam... Boi... Saff... Eddy. wacth in high quality www.youtube.com
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25 Responses to “Funkafaction Shuffle Comp @ Plaza Alam Sentral”

  1. faruqhr says:

    smat doe !
    eeee !!
    geram nyer

  2. love u all…i hope i can’t join ur group

  3. IIBBOYYaBeEII says:

    the look same with other ppl…
    always got a white mask,if dont hv mask i think you cant dance anymore…

  4. CrewShufflers says:

    bro lagu akhir sekali apew?????

  5. CrewShufflers says:

    bro lagu akhir sekali apew?????

  6. duracel44 says:

    thanx alot!

  7. aizatlaser says:

    infected mushroom – deeply disturb

  8. duracel44 says:

    what’s the name of the second song? ;o
    i’ve been searching for it a few days now xd
    would be great if any1 could tell me please

  9. TheColorOfRuush says:

    Omg they fucking suck they use the same choreography

  10. TheGreatone391 says:

    lagu yg sama style yg same je, tiada lain ka? borink sya tgk o . sa jujur ckp ni. same je.

  11. renhexxit0 says:

    yo le vi un poco a tecktonik ii jumstyle men

  12. KiinhOwPkS says:


    New video do [Hard4Fun]

    Look please *-*


  13. kajisemesta says:

    steady funka..keep on rock the floor..

  14. dijitalacidboi says:

    song title at minute 3.31 aper?

  15. Liv7990 says:

    tahu tak, aku pon join team korang gak tau…… tapi aku budak ah….

  16. rafkoh3 says:

    no…i mean the second song…sorry….

  17. aizatlaser says:

    showtek – we live for the music

  18. wads the third song??

  19. thepitygirl says:

    perghhh..gilew smartt!!!

  20. yoshihard says:

    same cam kt JB!
    semat w0k!

  21. sfxprodigyXlimzheng says:

    macam jabowkezz

  22. rAyRoCkDaBABE says:

    good combo ~ nice dancing haha

  23. great teamwork ,love it !

  24. miketrail1991 says:

    amazing =)

  25. malzfunk says:

    gogo funkafaction…..