A Mixtape of some suffling one night. was good times, all bad ass tracks in this mix.. Check it out. Shufflers in Order: Ben Jamie Jake Ash Comment + Rate And Plz Subscribe. Extra Tags: Melbourne Shuffle Shuffling Running Man Hard Trance Electro Music Compilation Revolution melbshuffle.com australianshuffler.com mikkiz F@#K YEAH

25 Responses to “G-TowN Shuffle RockerZ (A Hard Trance Compilation)”

  1. masterownedu says:

    just a saying. you guys needa go harder when you shuffle. goodiehter is kinda right too. put some passion into the shuffling and it’ll look much better and cleaner.

  2. rockalelee says:

    what is name first song please ^^

  3. 2:10 chaos(clubmix) megara vs dj lee

  4. XxJiMBiZxX says:

    tuff arnt ya mate? glad i managed to piss you off enough to write that long comment lol

  5. goodiehter says:

    The only thing good about this video is the track at 2:12. The shuffling is shit and the rest of the tracks are rubbish. The uploader is a tightass that wont share the tracklist, so fuk him!

    can you send me the tracklist in pm pls

  7. maylson53 says:

    I liked the video =D


    by: Maylson

  8. WikkedRavin says:

    what is the song that starts at 2:12 that is such an amazing song!

  9. Markk1244 says:

    Far out this is awesome, I really want to know the name of the apologize remix, its doing my head in.

  10. Does anyone know the full title of the song at 2:10?

  11. samtana13 says:

    i wanna do that shit
    fucking sick
    let get the mix of the songs

  12. awesome video guys….. whats the name of song that starts at 2:10? help me out πŸ™‚ cheers

  13. nice vid 5/5

    wheres this at ?


  14. nadlyjone says:

    tell me that song i love it i gotta no

  15. malisimo

  16. XTankboYX says:

    all are good.. but the guy in white beater KILLS it

  17. JazzzyBabee says:

    sooo fucking good. all of you πŸ˜€

  18. RockzRach says:

    the guy in the wifebeater is just generally HOT πŸ˜›

  19. R26Productions says:

    oh and whered u get the music from? its killer

  20. R26Productions says:

    5:00 is sick! never seen anything like that b4!

  21. johnnyloksss says:

    fucking nice dude xD

  22. Fran1080p says:

    the guy with the wifebeater has the hottest shuffle!

  23. mickster1337 says:

    second song?

  24. DynaVoiceM85 says:

    pretty nice, I’ve seen the style is diffrent to what i’ve seen here in sydney, is it from melb?

  25. sweetsassysami says:

    shoosh jake πŸ˜€