genesis rocking! another vid of my friend from the usa. if anybody doesnt know a song - message to me. sry not my best edit 🙁
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25 Responses to “Genesis Shuffle Part 2”

  1. ninutts888 says:

    MAN, <3 chu Genesis how old are u?? <3 HOTTIE ;D

  2. MRSILVERblade8 says:

    @03002483 when your leftmfoot goes left, just do the same with your hands, so your hands is following your feet movement

  3. Jameson0link says:

    WTF GET OUT OF THE SHOT,….. that kid was like “Nope the spotlight is mine”. Throw a shoe at him or something

  4. amirul381 says:

    style like Ajam HR

  5. ffviicloud23 says:

    he have a tutorial in his channel =]
    Shintah channel 

  6. kurtbella88 says:

    wtf..where this man come from..i mean u so awesome..can u come at singapore to teach me hehe joking xD

  7. Raulsosa95 says:

    Arms tuturial?

  8. missvanessa7398 says:

    Your Awesome!!!!!

  9. russiawolf11 says:

    @Saorisama11 I heard fuck

  10. JamieTomas1998 says:

    PLZ tell genesis to do a video on how to shuffle like that! He’s so beast!!!!! 🙂

  11. wallacedavi1 says:

    now that is shuffle !

  12. 03002483 says:

    Genesis, could u do a hand movement tutorial plz

  13. NarutoFourTails says:

    Ur pretty good
    But u repeat the 2 same moves and 2 same hand movements in the dance
    Get some other moves other then u shuffle pretty good=D

  14. MrSwAgzHD says:

    This guy suks

  15. Jumpererwin1 says:

    you are the best

  16. iAmVampyre says:

    You’re so cool. I wish I was you Q~Q

  17. TheSHADOWMASTERn1 says:

    what is the name of the song

  18. Codstar1801 says:

    you are awesome

  19. Kanade700 says:

    Gay kid at 0:52

  20. LeoendithasTheGreat says:

    fuck that kid at 0:52 is just ugly lmao

  21. berser50 says:

    0:25 sex sex sex seseseseeseseseeseseseseeseseeesesesesxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  22. wiwithig says:

    0:52 se atraveso un fail 0:58 regreso el fail xddddddd

  23. 24DISCIPLE24 says:

    Whats the last song

  24. @Mejo702 (technoboy remix) xD

  25. Hunter – The Beauty And The Beat.. I think.. xD