Old man that could be your grandpa shuffling to LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem. Facebook: www.facebook.com Original video by kitterkat007 (non shuffling version) "Orignial footage at the 45th annual Old time fiddlers convention" - youtu.be
Video Rating: 4 / 5

My sweet girlfriend and pretty only 1 rock single also dedicated to KG | Kout and his Girl (laisa) ahh And do don't forget to subscribe for more ! THE TRACK LIST WILL BE RELEASE AFTER 1500 VIEWS! 😛
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Grandpa Shuffling”

  1. kyl4415 says:

    the camera should recording on the foot isn’t it? lol

  2. kheath580 says:

    you go grandpa

  3. It was all fun and game until 0:30.

  4. rockford016 says:

    it was a showdown – papa smurf vs. phil jackson

  5. SUONIndustry says:

    is this real or just a mixed video ?

  6. MisterAZS says:

    My grandpa 😀

  7. kain161718 says:

    I feel like downloading all your videos and uploading them as my own now…

  8. kain161718 says:

    Don’t put something on YouTube if you don’t want other people to upload it.

  9. The1Epilady says:

    Yeah, other people have an you have done copyright claims. Sour grapes much?

  10. flamingyogurt says:

    0:30 just ruins everything….

  11. JessicaStokes3 says:


  12. MrCheesecakelol says:

    HAHAHAH OMG this is epic!!

  13. 111coleslaw says:

    That would be cool if I could do that

  14. coolnes98 says:


  15. MythOfEchelon says:

    The white-haired old man dances like he’s gliding on air. The fat old man looks like he’s desperately trying not to fall over on ice. :’)

  16. zelipapa12 says:

    0:30 wjebal sie jak dzik w sosne

  17. thermalwinter says:


  18. MargeMurphy says:

    I think this is fantastic!! Gramps is great and the other guy … well the one in the back too should be in a BATTLE! Love It! 🙂

  19. 1CoolDudeMe says:

    This song is fucking annoying.

  20. clash1024 says:

    The awkward moment when your the shittiest dancer.

  21. richardfromlovenstad says:

    DJ Broiler anyone ? <3

  22. sickassfoo1992 says:

    Tha originalsXD

  23. victorfreeride says:

    old school dancing in Belo Horizonte, Brazil /watch?v=OYWfJMDdYDk

  24. ICONicFigureSkater says:

    SWAG MASTA! (;

  25. track list ?

  26. SmashKM says:


  27. 360tarcisio says:

    oi bianca meu nome é tazz
    tb danço melb. shuffle
    vc dança bem parabens

  28. Galego1977 says:

    /watch?v=6onmlJcS604 olha ae

  29. thesinX10 says:

    dança d++ 🙂
    nice style 🙂

  30. biancaqq says:

    tirando o edit, e o song
    nada mais salva esse vid XD

  31. Gostei pra caralho desse video.
    Muiito show, dança pra k7.

    like + fav.

    Glayvid ryu…

  32. HardstyleDoomer says:

    you rock !!! +Like and plz song list

  33. jeffersonjudoc says:


  34. HamStErhhs says:

    wow loved the video man!!
    the editing was awsome and you are a very lucky person to have a girlfriend that gorgeus

  35. hardstyle3021 says:

    10/10 bm bm 

  36. lsb1999 says:

    gostei dança muito ^^


  37. funkafan says:

    cool video hehehe exelent
    cool . coment rate my videos
    subscribe my chanel
    IW | Infected World | Eternal
    From Argentina

  38. GothicAssembler says:

    Ela me lembra a Jniex!
    Mas ela tem muuita coisa diferente, movimentos mais largos, é massa!

    HOTB | Vegah

  39. UsKoUt100 says:

    2K ja em KK

  40. RobinGoodfellow41351 says:


  41. hsbpaulinhoph says:

    Nice shuffle
    5* Gostei
    NsC][BS // Paulo <3

  42. KrowRainbow says:

    Fucking cool
    nice style , i like u style Bia
    very nice edit Danger

    KG. Krow

  43. Mauroinsanity says:

    Nice ,dança mto .


    – Mauro is a Soul .

  44. nathaaaanz says:

    Fuck Yeaah dança muito



  45. rocky70219 says:

    nice songs
    music< ark by design-shut the fuck up Mp3

  46. rocky70219 says:

    ai sim senti firmeza em comentar a garota danca muiito br girl fodastyca
    parabesn continue assim nice shuffle

    fav ^^*.*
    passa o nome da primeira musica pra min ^^

  47. areas157 says:

    Muit bom, estilão foda… spins bem colocados…. =D


    [HED] | HDC// Heitor

  48. brutos5 says:


  49. biancaqq says:

    nem uso mais, fui ban por isso, lembra?