aha first time to attepmt at green screen shuffle by myself 😛 😉

I didn't put kicks but kicks are just simply "T"s in the air. Hopefully i explained running man and "T" right xD Please Subscribe!
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8 Responses to “GREEN SCREEN! FINISHED SYMPHONY – DEADMAU5 REMIX melbourne shuffle :D”

  1. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    hahahaha good times tho lmfao

  2. kreamisinpdx says:

    I guess i was just high

  3. LUSMelbourneMatt says:

    aha how come?? 😛

  4. kreamisinpdx says:

    i did nearly pissed mahself here.

  5. BassNaratica says:

    lol thats crazy

  6. TAKEyourCREATURE says:

    Pretty cool xD

  7. onfireupinhere22 says:

    this one is really good! nice man

  8. Authenntikk says:

    yo you uploaded it, haha
    post it on pcw