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Video Rating: 4 / 5

Hey guys.. This my new melbourne shuffle video I hope u enjoy my video.. cmnt & rate Edit: Nightfall , thank you ♥
Video Rating: 4 / 5

46 Responses to “Gunz For Hire – Put It On (HQ Preview)”

  1. gamellenlikker says:

    no illegal download this guys earns thei money for this cd THIS IS F*CKING AWESOME

  2. gamellenlikker says:

    OMG FUCKING OWNAGE deze cd OWNT nintendo alles ownt nintendo behalve school thumbs up voor ps3 mw3 infected behalve KUT Trowing knife

  3. Kingrotch says:

    Hard With style…

  4. *chulk kchulk*.
    I got wildstylez always been fyrechild walkout and boom boom and yo blast pow pow
    WILDSTYLEZ : WTF,my name !! and..wait!! this is the wrong lyrics *PHEW*

  5. djdeviate99 says:

    If your down with RAWSTYLE hit up my youtube channel and check out my track preview of “Da Realness”… Leave comments….

  6. Hardstyle6996 says:

    Geweldig nummer om helemaal los te gaan !!

  7. Nickkje1 says:

    Trillogy 2011 !! 

  8. scylla25 says:


  9. HelloiHeartS2 says:

    Very nice!

  10. impactvideosofficial says:

    lol, ask-for-thumbs-up- fail -.-

  11. HrEricho says:

    Dit nummer ging net zo strak in de A2 Bunker en mainstage op Q-Base 😀

  12. 96FuckYeah says:

    Lyrics are also IN Datsik – Firepower 😀

  13. MrMultiHardstyle says:

    Iedereen heeft wat gemist toen ze live draaiden op Decibel, iedereen ging los!(y)

  14. special26K says:

    kapot ziek duo dit!! wat een kapot ruige tracks zijn dit zeg, heerlijk!!

  15. bikkelmichel says:

    2 people got guns that go pow-pow

  16. Thanks mate 🙂

  17. FrankSpijker says:

    Damn it’s like magic suddenly new hardstyle legends are born!

  18. target2hunter says:

    Haha, ik vond het al raar dat ik kon meezingen terwijl dit pas de eerste keer is dat ik het nummer hoor. firepower is gewoon een geweldig nummer. Hij klinkt lekker!

  19. hotboxtrip says:

    before i even played it i knew it was gonna be big L lyrics,

    rip L, illest MC to ever live imo

  20. barber574 says:

    Lyrics also from: Datsik – Firepower

  21. VforVelocity says:

    Big L!!

  22. bassjunky1987 says:

    yeah this is even slower than 150 bpm, like any standard hardstyle track is
    think ST did it on purpose

  23. gummiankaa says:

    This song is epic in abit higher BPM, although this is just an magnificent track!

  24. jevehalo says:

    Its perfect!! i loved!! (:

    FS | HK ;Cereck

  25. oYezOYTieoYe says:

    lulu mah <3 ,. mel shuffle shizznit! xP

  26. Schnupftabak92 says:

    Bin Verliebt. -3 😀

  27. iicolorful1 says:

    you are one of the reasons i am still shuffling, i love you lulu <33333 thank youuuuu

  28. stopdropnrollxD says:

    You are absolutely amazing! It’s great to see some real shuffling after all this “malaysian” lmfao bullshit

  29. Jvidana95 says:

    I thought it was malay since i hadnt seen the description haha sorry bout that

  30. Jvidana95 says:

    Awesome shuffle!!! 😀 At first i thought this was going to be Malaysian…. But when i saw you shuffling it wasnt bad at all! 😀 Real Smooth.

  31. shuffleGordo says:

    dang your a good shuffler! love it 😀

  32. DemonicEvilwolf says:

    OMGILOVEYOU! nah just kidding,
    schon shuffling hubsches Madchen.. =]

  33. chromepker says:

    obviously LMFAO have been watching some real shuffle and cant take the fact they fail at shuffling. (dislike bar)

  34. FrostBeam009 says:

    nightfall did EDIT = ITS PRO <3

  35. HRMChr0m3w0lf says:

    Holy sexyshuffle…. 😮 This is really good… I mean, like some of the best shuffling I’ve ever seen…. I love this. :DDD Liked, subbed, faved.


  36. Warbeast911 says:


  37. enanomexican says:

    this is one of the best shuffles ive ever seen 🙂

  38. darzjak965ify1 says:

    hayy veces en las que un Rave puede ser mas profundo de lo que parece _-)

  39. es is echt geil wie manche leute einfach nich die beschreibung lesen können und nach dem song fragen…und hey…es steht unter den Aufrufen 😀 und wer mit Deadmaus aufgewachen is kennt das lied so an sich…und Achso Geiles Video 🙂

  40. TheUbuntus says:

    I like your style is really amazing for a girl:)
    great great:)

  41. TheOkinawanShuffler says:

    Nice shuffle. :) Very clean and smooth 😀

  42. Idratherbedancing1 says:

    You’re attractive.

  43. darzjak965ify1 says:

    wowwww, amooo a esta dancer!!!
    por su shuffle y por el esquisito gusto musical

  44. Bomichii1 says:

    Lulu enseñame a bailar*-*



  46. HypertronicTeddy says:

    how do you create the ghostly effect ?