Hard Dance Compilation 2011- Part 6 (Shuffle & Jumpstyle) Edit by: Natsu www.youtube.com vk.com Song list - intro. KAOS 13 - Time Is Now (Remix) (feat. Diggy) 2011 USA 1.DJ iceberg - DJ iceberg-German Hard Trance(Remix) 2.technoboy - vanilla sky 3.Louk Busho - Wipe Out (Josh Lang Mix) 4.the pitcher-aint nobody 5.Digimind - Rocketz (Schwarzende Remix) 6.gunz for hire (aka ran-d and adaro) - gangsters dont dance 7.Karp DM Feat Part 2 - Hardstyle Rockstar 8.Noisecontrollers - Attack Again 9.kidd kaos - I'm Not Invisible (Album Edit) 10.Technoboy - Ti Sento [Techno 2009] the end.Steve Hill Vs. Technikal - Sawtooth Dentist My favorite Hard dancers :] Dancers Shuffle: Neville Hex Brenton Teazy Nightfall Jumpstyle: Pro Grees Sly WIZZZ EvaN
Video Rating: 4 / 5

20 Responses to “Hard Dance Compilation 2011- Part 6 (Melbourne Shuffle & Jumpstyle) [SONGLIST RELEASED]”

  1. ExXxCaliberx says:



  3. @HydrolancerJS you are right! he is not good! He is awesome 😀 thats why he is the best <3 NEWCASTLE ROCKERS & GERMAN ROCKERS <3

  4. that guy on 1:32 is retarded xD thats not shuffle dude -_-“

  5. ker163rus says:

    прошлая лучше была

  6. HydrolancerJS says:

    in my opinion , brenton is not good :S

  7. c 1:04 играет technoboy_-_vanilla_sky
    со 2:00 минуты the_pitcher_-_aint_nobody

  8. PrO100LoBiK says:

    да уже 3042 просмотра,выкладывай музыку)))

  9. trololoman72 says:

    когда трэк-лист выкладывать будеш?

  10. OTHardstyleTO says:

    LOL, you sure you editted it in the right way 2:09 ( HUGE LEGS )

  11. MrJumper409 says:

    cool shufflers and jumpstylers check out my stuff and please subscribe

  12. 2 people are jerkers

  13. TheZaiStyle says:

    Some parts are sped up mate :c

  14. PrO100LoBiK says:

    Nightfall музыку скажите плз)

  15. shufflepixel says:

    teazy yeah yeah yeah

  16. himekoXang says:

    sick *_*

  17. FlashMadi says:

    Деня зачем ты Копию Опера закинул ?

  18. SticKshuffler says:

    good shufflers)))
    nice edit bro))
    SkZz | Stick

  19. Ilovestyleandreezy says:

    найс ваще)

  20. Pro is sometimes ofbeat cuz of to much tricks and he needs to to jump a little bit less hard cuz hardjump needs to look like you have airtime! still awesome though I love melbourne shuffle but can’t do it 😛