This video is to Say Happy birthday to Mause and wish turtle luck on his trip to montana for 3 weeks. Well hope you enjoy
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27 Responses to “Hard Dance Criminals”

  1. mainzelfan says:


  2. SuperRoach34 says:


  3. NHShaynne says:

    some of the best shufflers in USA on this channel man, apart from HSU ofcourse 🙂
    Bassmasters ; Dusk

  4. 19CardMaster97 says:

    yes 😀 but i can not shuffle like you all xD :,( but i training hard :D

  5. MrScarsource says:

    so the right song for turtle is a dick song 😉 xDD we don’t wanne suck you dick !!! ;))) (a)
    hoped you had a fine trip to montane 😉

  6. DARKESTFALL1 says:

    its called Mad Lay Number Four by automatic DJZ

  7. DARKESTFALL1 says:

    fucking rad. but whats the name of the fist song

  8. xStatisificatioN says:

    guys. can u tell me whats the song on *new shuffle meetup by Harddance criminals* 3:45 not this video

  9. dude i really hope i can come visit some time and rock with you guys

  10. Hard666Styler says:

    Great shuffle you guys rock keep it hard 🙂 if u have the time check out my vid I just started melbourne style. thanks

  11. MixedDanceCrew says:

    Hey what part of SoCal are you in cuz it would be great to see some 07/08 style shuffers

  12. Crispy24rave says:

    sweet suspenders, whered u get em sony 😛

  13. Kamikaze731 says:

    what is the first song name?

  14. animedreality says:

    yes that is the same Mause im always shuffling in Hollywood

    Mause [HDC]

  15. HouseMonster69 says:

    Damn haven’t seen them shuffle ina while ha good:)

  16. Evilcupcakeskillu says:

    what i sthe name of the song that turtles is shuffling to

  17. Evilcupcakeskillu says:

    turtle and sony are the best i want to be better at shuffleing i suck there is no one to teachhere

  18. HardDanceCriminals says:

    Its a Name calm down man 😛

  19. LAESEBEANER says:

    explain too me how this makes them criminals ;o

  20. HardDanceCriminals says:

    It is lmfao

  21. junior305u says:


  22. HardDanceCriminals says:

    haha thanx bro we all go hard when were feelin the right song

  23. HardDanceCriminals says:

    its mad lay number 4 edit 1 by automatic djz

  24. iTzRizzle says:

    Turtle goes HARD

  25. Could you guys pleaseeee tell me what version of Dirty by Tuneboy that is, or what song it is that it transitions to as Turtle’s shuffling?? Would be much appreciated, thank you. One of my favorite vids by you guys also

  26. shockwave says:

    sony n turtle r badass im learnin how to shufful n someday ill be as good as them!!!!

  27. shockwave says:

    sony n turtle r badass im learnin how to shufful n someday ill be as good as them!!!!