-SONGLIST RELEASED- Comment. Rate. Subscribe Shufflers In Order (No Crew tags): Andrewsz: Erik Vee -Far Away (Vocoder Dub Mix) Truong: Deepforces - Wake Up (Original Mix) Jniex: Masif DJ's - Heart Of Asia (Suae Mix) Tyson: Bas & Ram - Speed of Light (Orig. Mix) Nick: DJ Dean - It's a Dream (DJ Dean's Tunnel Club Mix) Tony: Alphazone - Flashback (Original Mix) Kim: Pulsedriver - Galaxy (Megara vs. DJ Lee Rmx) Mikki: Masif DJ's - Children (Steve Hill Vs D10 Encore Mix) Andreezy: Deepforces - Harder [Megara vs. DJ Lee Remix] Danielzz: Kindervater - ftp---013.07.974 Mac G.: Cascada - What Hurts The Most (Darren Styles Mix) Justin: Deepforces - Godlike (Original Mix) Francis: LCK - Bring It (K*N*G Remix)


  1. TomoHawKzZ says:

    That’s just a matter of opinion, sure he was smooth and his vid has the best quality, but he had nowhere near as much energy, variation and skill as Truong and Mikki.

  2. yoshijumpstyle says:

    Asian gang: (-.-(-.-(-.-)-.-)-.-)

  3. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

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  4. AstridLuna31 says:


  5. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am a melbourne shuffler. Check my channel and see if there’s something you like! :))

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    go like if u wanna see Sacco and Instinct shuffle again, all it needs is 1000 likes:)

  7. Hammercorporation says:


  8. Exovander says:

    i can’t find the song
    only found the low quality one

  9. RandomIZEDNZ says:

    G-Star is by far the best and also has the best song!:D

  10. SportFunAction says:

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  11. lafawafa says:

    Yeah, I think Danielzz, Mikki, and Mac G. pretty much pwned everyone xD

  12. Xcalator123 says:

    G star is my favorite

  13. Homeboyxx9 says:

    anyone else notive they are almost all asians?

  14. Homeboyxx9 says:

    anyone else notive they are almost all asians?

  15. brewcakes says:

    danielzz hooked it a bit better

  16. brewcakes says:

    also, tyson pretty much kicks every1’s ass

  17. brewcakes says:

    MOAR boobies

  18. TheGalaxious says:

    the hip hop song in the end please , if some1 know it tell the name please please !!!!!!

  19. TheGalaxious says:

    noooooooo in the end its is a hip hop music that doesnt get in the descripcion , please tell the name please

  20. JaguardKing says:


  21. NoobsSince1903 says:

    ok ty :)

  22. Tampanda says:

    No G-Star is a former shuffler named Andrewsz. I have vids of him on my channel.

  23. ShuffleAllDay55 says:

    check my page shuffling

  24. JuliaCamario says:

    WOOOT GO KIM !!!!!!!!!!! FUCK YEAH !