some hardstyle tracks of mine complied
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25 Responses to “Hard Style “shuffle” tracks 2”

  1. hellogoodbyekathy says:

    tight man

  2. SkelanimalKitteh says:

    OHMYGOD! :D! I’ve heard the power of pleasure before and I had no clue who it was by and yay I found it :3

  3. OurPrizeRebel says:

    this is not happy hardstyle, if you hear happy HS you would know it, TRUST ME!!

  4. Etanos1988 says:

    co0l collection ! i really liked it ! i can really shuffle all of my energy to these songs ! hardstyle shuffle rockzzz !!! by TapOut

  5. Mraszek says:

    Kocham to <3

  6. chudownedyou says:

    The song at 2:14 is the dogs cock! whats the tine lad?

  7. seeed70 says:

    WHATS THE SONG AB 2:14 ??

  8. shiineshettkatt says:


  9. avilanichel says:




  10. KonQueSt100 says:

    thats not happy hardcore tahts only hardstyle

  11. cartaobom says:

    hadstyle the extreme

  12. poontziee says:

    Bass Agents – Black Winter

  13. primi33 says:

    perfect song and plz tell me the name of the song that starts at 7:35

  14. siraization says:


  15. aiden5000 says:

    love thses songs ive listened 2 dis vid like 5 times love it

  16. kromann15 says:

    only like half of these songs are for Shuffling….

  17. 1c3d34rth says:

    170 bpm = Happy Hardcore

  18. atletics says:

    nice vid,….

    i gonna download the songs…=D


  19. ThunderWindz says:

    not a bpm on 145 more like 170

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  21. HaraldxPotter says:

    OMG YEEH Equal Mindz HARDMINDED! God damn frikkin awesome song! best! 5/5*

  22. 41Rabbit00 says:


  23. Denyce22Tan says:

    nice songs dude

  24. TheJay92 says:

    Du sagst akon – Ich sag Deepack
    Du sagst 50 cent – Ich sag Showtek
    Du sagst Jonas Brothers – Ich sag SCHWUCHTEL
    Du sagst Miley Cyrus – Ich sag Gigi D’Agostino
    Du sagst rap – Ich sag House
    Du sagst pop – Ich sag Hardstyle
    Du sagst hip hop – Ich sag Rave
    92% aller Jugendlichen hören nur noch rap, pop & hip hop. Wenn du einer der 8% bist die auf fetten Bass und geschmeidige moves stehen kopiere das in 4 andere Videos.

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