Okay First off, Windows Movie Maker was missing key elements that would normally allow me to make video effects so i could not use any effects at all, i couldn't even add a title or credits (Explains the makeshift end credits). YouTube also made Aarons song off a lot but i guess its better than nothing 😛 Also I was trying to capture various styles of shuffling Enjoy 😀 Shufflers In Order (No Crew Tags): [Also if any names are wrong plz correct me thx] Mac-G Andreezy +iMmY Instinct Aaron KenZo Lincoln Francis Jo Willis nNaoh SONGLIST RELEASED: Victory (Virus Inc. Mix) - Kamui Speed Of Light - Bas & Ram I Get A Rush (DJ Charge Bootleg) - Grissom And Strokes In 2 The Future - Giorgio Martini Superman Techno Remix (Wherever You Go) - DJ Pulse VS. Eminem All my life (Club Edit) - Backslash vs. Mikkas The Rebel - Punk Freakz Would You Feel (Ziggy X Rmx) - C-Bool The Freaks (Get On The Dancefloor) (Steve Hill Vs Hardforze Mix) - Cally & Juice Flashback (Original Club Mix) - Alphazone Purple Moon - Darksucker and the outro song is Lamenting City - Axel Coon Thanks to All the Shufflers, Keep shuffling guys 😀 Also Check Out Part 2 and 3 😀
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation”

  1. novel8895 says:

    the first so cool

  2. Pris180472 says:

    Please make a tutorial *.* I want to learn it so baad

  3. chiipBaa says:

    Phats are lamee af x)

  4. mrfluffy721 says:

    i love mag’s nd aaron’s shuffling nd how fluent they r

  5. Pastaliebhaber says:

    francis owns u all

  6. Converseshuffler98 says:

    3:50 what fag shuffles in front of a graveyard ? o.O

  7. phats look a bit too extreme for me… baggys (jeans or no jeans) are best IMO. Shorts are worn when the focus is set on footwork and not both feet and legs (oldskool)

  8. YaxPwnzNubs says:

    God i want to learn this so badddd…

  9. darkjead says:

    DUDE!!!! you changed the music of F@%K YEAH shuffle D:!!!! and replaced it with a crappie song ¬¬ that was soo wrong :s!!!

  10. ronaldo2ronaldinho says:

    cant find the song that aaron dances to
    can anyone tell me it?

  11. DubnHard says:

    Shoes on or off doesn’t matter. Your not actually dragging your feet. You should be doing fast repeated tiny hops and moving at the same time. You don’t actually want to touch the ground that much. once you have the movement down, the smoothness actually results more from hip movement and your ability to control your upper body while your feet bounce.

  12. darknessthehedgehog3 says:

    question whats better when you shuffle shoes off or on when your in side 2 for outside what areas are easier to do this when i shuffle i always go on my deck cause its slippery and what shoes are better with shuffling on driveway type areas

  13. 420RaverRasta says:

    agreed bro i love old school shuffle! these guys have the old school type of music just not the style.

  14. 420RaverRasta says:

    Looks and is so much better then hard style the music has character and u can dance to it hard style u just slmamming around to looking like a spazz

  15. blueberryshuffla says:

    awesome shuffle guys keep it up 😀
    check out ma vids ??

  16. ruudsbrook says:

    there hair are shuffling to 😀

  17. nice house at 1:05 a lamp on the floor …

  18. iwillnotabcew says:

    how do u do that and i`v been practising hard out

  19. ThePerformer001 says:

    Watz da name of da songz

  20. at 2:36 i have the same socks 🙂

  21. DirtyBirdLaserbeak says:

    Notice how most of these are Asians.

  22. iLightShow1 says:

    Mac. G.

  23. mrfearfang123 says:

    wat’s the name of the fist song ???

  24. mrfearfang123 says:

    wat’s the name of the fist song