Simple edit, just working a little harder with vegas, hoping to improve more with each vid 😛 Shufflers (No Crew Tags) Foxxx Sparky Jo Jayyy CHRiiZ Markovz Mishi Lucas Sonic Songlist: (Because I'm nice) 😛 1) Adrenaline Dept. - U Got 2 Be There (MDA & Spherical 4am @ Logic Remix) 2) Dougal And Gammer - When I Close My Eyes (Kindervater Remix) 3) Liz Kay - True Faith (Original Mix) 4) Dave Joy - First Impression (Sol Ray & Dark By Design Remix) 5) SHOKK - Manage A 3 (DJ Space Raven Remix) 6) BeXta vs Phats Life - SHFL 7) Phil York, NDJ & Dark By Design - Lead By Example (Original Mix) 8) Ram - Ramsterdam (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix Edit)
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25 Responses to “Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation Part 15 (Songlist)”

  1. Miragarz says:

    Im sorry but what happened to the rave pant? Come on people.

  2. xDsemixDthebest says:

    OMG!!! very nice songlist!!!! I LOVE THEM

  3. DutchOfc says:

    I seriously need the first song

  4. DutchOfc says:

    @Xboxfan17 Hey man, nice mix. Can you tell me how i get the first song? because i looked everywere
    Thanks for your time. peace

  5. HobbitTeaLeaf says:

    damn i want to be able to dance like that link meh plz wit a tutorial

  6. blinkzh says:

    i can’t find the first remix track :s

  7. blinkzh says:

    name of foxxx shoes brand? nice shuffle and nice songs 🙂

  8. blinkzh says:

    which shoes is foxx wearing? i like it 🙂 nice songs and shuffle subscribe 🙂

  9. EaPacheeco says:

    Very good comments in mine vc power brow 5/*****

  10. flameguy2007 says:

    I love all your videos man! 😀

  11. dude @ 3:50 cant keeps his hands of his cap, looks funny

  12. zachcooley says:

    how to be featured in one of your vids? :O

  13. LOUSEXO says:

    some of my mates are in this comp nice! 🙂

  14. gregshuffler says:

    nice comp 🙂

  15. ryanlittle123 says:

    @Xboxfan17 Did you know xbox fan you can make your own music on xbox 360 it is a free game on xbox 360.

  16. ryanlittle123 says:

    Hey you know you can make your own music on xbox 360.

  17. HawkShift says:

    nice vid effects and nice vid :p

  18. BA69Pink69 says:

    This was All vegas, man?

  19. Xboxfan17 says:

    @3style4live It was posted in one of the comments,
    S.H.O.K.K – Manage A 3 (Dj Space Raven Remix)

    I’ll put it in the Info too

  20. 3style4live says:

    the fifth track is the best I need the naaaaaaaaaaaaameeeee of it……….cody ,please tell me if u remember which track it was

  21. hawrikon says:

    Look my new vid pls
    comp nice!

  22. JHN0209 says:

    @lild3v fuck i love you xD
    thank you very much

  23. @JHN0209 found it S.H.O.K.K – Manage A 3 (Dj Space Raven Remix)

  24. JHN0209 says:

    Thank you. I’ll check all their tracks xD

  25. @JHN0209 sounds like S.H.O.K.K.