Okay First off, Windows Movie Maker was missing key elements that would normally allow me to make video effects so i could not use any effects at all, i couldn't even add a title or credits (Explains the makeshift end credits). I MAY or MAY NOT release a songlist, not to be mean, if you really want a song just ask I wont delete any comments releasing title Enjoy 😀 Shufflers In Order (No Crew Tags): [Also if any names are wrong plz correct me thx] Mroziu Mac-G ELegend Lincoln patschiSoloRocker MaxShuffleAddict Mikki POoka Danielz Jayyy & Andreezy (Duo) Songlist: Thunder In Paradise - (DJ Scot Project Radio Mix) You Got The Love (Steve Hil Vs Technikal Mix) - Hyperlogic God Is A DJ (K-Series Mix) - Masif DJ's Megara vs. DJ Lee - Musical Society Tricky Tricky 2009 (Alex Deluxe Vs. Stylez Meets Tonteufel Mix) - DJ Sequenza If You Love Me (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Mix) - Steve Hill Vs Nylon Cry (Hardforze Remix) - September Every Heartbeat (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Mix) - Neon Lights Heat (Steve Hill Vs Dark By Design Mix) - Luca Antolini Southern Sun (Steve Hill Vs Technikal Mix) - Masif DJ's Passion (MDA & Spherical Mix) - Neon Lights

25 Responses to “Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation Part 2 (Songlist Released)”

  1. Xboxfan17 says:

    @eLegendI ahaha yeah It brings me back too, I’d think it’s safe to say you’ve gotten much much better 😛

  2. eLegendI says:

    wow, brings back memories, this video contains my oldest vid xD

  3. Haydz172 says:

    whats the song at 0:59??

  4. daredevil71789 says:

    @Xboxfan17 He wants the song at 4:00

  5. wat thaa.! im in this video! lol u can c my baby (s-10) tnx for puting me in the video


  6. Xboxfan17 says:

    @METALFREAK03 No his first name is Justin 😛

  7. METALFREAK03 says:

    is e-legend’s real name jhonny w?

  8. rasengan4311 says:

    Not to trash talk or anything but, what’s with this new style thats emerging? There’s like no moving around anymore like there used to be. Just side to side to side and repeat. Thats just my opinion. If you want to trash talk on me back go ahead. I have my new video on my page. “5th and Last of NSS.” I’m the first person that goes up so look out.

  9. JToraJonny says:

    hahaha. Epic outro 🙂

  10. Galego1977 says:


  11. lol…

  12. Valkirijus says:

    Great Songs used!


  13. supaman152 says:

    tell me song list plz send to me

  14. shuffleboy36 says:

    hey man
    songs list

  15. do you just make a complition with randoms?

    HSL//JACK good vid

  16. Xboxfan17 says:

    send u what?

  17. xboxfan if u could send it.
    it would be much appreciated 😛

  18. heyy song list pleasee its so good ! good shufflin 2 😀

  19. wtfkioent says:

    omg really ? thanks whats your msn ?

  20. Xboxfan17 says:

    want me to send it to you?

  21. Xboxfan17 says:

    if you want i could send it to you just ask ;D

  22. wtfkioent says:

    : L well thanks for the name and these songs i know are what people call rare x]

  23. Xboxfan17 says:

    yea i figured haha most of these tracks are rare XD

  24. wtfkioent says:

    sick compilation man :]
    wondering whats the song at 2:50
    that would be great

  25. TommySCD says:

    cant find it anywhere=(!