Okay First off, Windows Movie Maker was missing key elements that would normally allow me to make video effects so i could not use any effects at all, i couldn't even add a title or credits (Explains the makeshift end credits). Also I was trying to capture various styles of shuffling, I MAY or MAY NOT release a songlist, not to be mean, if you really want a song just ask I wont delete any comments releasing titles Enjoy 😀 Shufflers In Order (No Crew Tags): [Also if any names are wrong plz correct me thx] ZeZe patschi E-Raver Coco KnazZo KenZo KenZo & PicarD Thanks to all the shufflers and my friends who helped me find a few of these vids Songlist: The Beginning of The End - Dark By Design Cocaine (Steve Hill vs. Dark By Design mix) - Yakooza Bitch - Dark By Design Dance With The Devil - Dark By Design Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Raindropz Remix) - Daft Punk Amigos Forever (Technikal Mix) - Styles & Breeze

Sydney hardstylers representin at Qdance. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at wedancehard.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Hard Trance Shuffle Compilation Part 4”

  1. damn good moves i really like the song @ 4:05 if you can Private message me of name would be cool (-:

  2. tyler1645555 says:

    your compilations have some of the sickest hard trance songs ive ever heard

  3. RedMind86 says:

    omg patschi is awesome is it his uber awesome balancing or just the shoe?

  4. funkafan says:

    cool 5/5 exelent bro


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  5. wats the song at 3:30?

    nice songs buddy
    and ncie vid:)

  6. MelbourneFTW says:

    I love the Asian style 🙂
    some moves are so dam complex >:[

  7. ImpulsiveMigea says:

    the song pls

  8. JholZinhoW says:


  9. 19naczczo83 says:

    thx 🙂

  10. Rusty196 says:

    song list pleaseee ? thanksss 🙂

  11. perfectKeno says:

    Austrian Dancer ftw !! :

  12. Xboxfan17 says:

    The Beginning of The End – Dark By Design
    that’s the only track i will release on this comp ;D

  13. 19naczczo83 says:

    1 song pliss ZeZe and KnazZo ist the best

  14. Nightmare35XD says:

    lolz where am i xD
    nice music 🙂

  15. patschiSoloRocker says:

    lol thx :O but patschiCantdance dont forget this gg
    and in that vid i try it with more speed up but i love to dance smooth smooth FTW
    love yaaa

  16. woot Oo
    KnazZzo keep rockin
    Patschi nice one


  18. albanerboy17 says:

    heej thank you: D
    but why this video? I like it I do not like to dance xD
    thank you anyway: D

    greeeez kenzoooo

  19. Prototyp9 says:

    nice compilation xD
    there are a lot dancer from austria hehe
    greetz Impuls

  20. patschiSoloRocker says:

    BTW i forgotten my name is patschi xD

  21. patschiSoloRocker says:

    lol iam in the vid WTF!!!!!
    thx for putting me in the vid mate
    love yaaaa

  22. EatAbleNick says:

    Just nice 😀

  23. Tnx bro for putting me ;)) i give 5*.. You use my new vid.. I’m proud ;D


  24. wow!! nice comp! thanks for putting me in bro!! muah! lol

  25. nice mate 🙂

  26. there all on drugs mate, but sydney has some good shuffle moves.melbourne is still better.

  27. Umar10001 says:

    josh lol

  28. watch my video new style :d


  29. keenanyo says:

    rofl deniz!


  31. vinny0791 says:

    mad vid

  32. Umar10001 says:

    The Prophet – Emergency Call

  33. Umar10001 says:

    The Prophet – Emergency Call

  34. Umar10001 says:

    The Prophet – Emergency Call

  35. Umar10001 says:

    The Prophet – Emergency Cll

  36. noobztidie says:

    and ur fukin one of dem pssh shuffleislife ur a fukin loser man

  37. EBANKSSS says:

    EPIC !! O_o

  38. kruhpapoli says:

    any1 know name of this music?:) love it.!:)

  39. fajna imprezka

  40. hardstylahtimmo says:

    nice vid, XD, anyone got te songlist, will be much appreciated, cheers 😀 keep on rockin’!!

  41. Umar10001 says:

    awesome man

  42. Umar10001 says:

    awwesome man and awesome song

  43. chimi8814 says:


  44. frikkin awesome! love it!

  45. ShuffleIsLife says:

    Fucking tb’s can get themselves banned if they want to.

  46. farcannell55 says:

    So TB’s can troll them… Yeah good idea… =/

  47. ShuffleIsLife says:

    wedancehard should have a forums.

  48. azzaTHEraver88 says:

    AUSSIES RULE, spewin i shulda went to that get off guts hard

  49. Psyronist says:

    haha yea i must agree with you there, every vid i seen of dutch people at raves they all just jumpin round off guts or just standin there boppin wit there hands in the air… Aussie (pride) kickz da sheeeit 🙂

  50. yumchahere says:

    not the dutch way… we take ur music but party our own way but alot better =P, australia rocks the world with what we got.