Hardforze - The Energy ( Karpe-DM Remix )
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hardforze – The Energy ( Karpe-DM Remix )”

  1. pr0phyz says:

    massiv track !!!

  2. 1235bunny says:

    yeah got the energy to SHUFFLE!!!

  3. kuchufly says:


  4. DUBmeFOOL says:

    tru dat fuck paying for music

  5. awesomeloo0l says:

    i want to buy your album.. where can i get it? 🙂

  6. wan2shuffle says:

    or get it for free on youtube converter 😉

  7. Shuffling69Israeli says:

    put your music on itunes!!!!!!!!!!

  8. 0mnipus says:

    fucking awesome to shuffle to this track XD

  9. 0mnipus says:

    fucking awesome to shuffle to this track XD

  10. hipproent says:

    Not all Hardstyle Tracks are good for shuffling 😉
    Its different from the skills to the rythm…
    But I think this is a nice one for shuffling 😛


  11. Johnniiboii09 says:

    your songs are so sexy!

  12. I think that’s hardstyle……and all hardstyle tracks are shuffle tracks.

  13. why? because is nustyle?

  14. tovenissen says:

    far from his best

  15. dforcerzTV says:

    He always produces shuffle tracks, but if you look at this one it’s not.

  16. sWeDEshuffLER92 says:

    great music thanks ! 😀

  17. LOUSEXO says:

    sickkkk tune

  18. GoZLHard says:

    yeah! KarpeDM
    great song !!

  19. APiCxSN says:


  20. HsBSlayer1 says:

    Nc ^^

  21. Awesome !

  22. Naico14 says:

    Masterpiece! ♥

  23. HardMover7 says:

    so amazing for Mas shuffle ….
    love your songs karpe

  24. LegendaryUploadzz says:

    Not bad, my friend!
    I do actually like this track alot! :D.

  25. eh?