at the moment i'm very busy with the defqon.1 au livesets so i just chose 1 picture. but i hope you like this mix.. ___Tracklist___ The Vision - Free Bioweapon - Bass Power Zatox & A-Lusion - No One Excluded Wildstylez & Isaac - Lost In Music Coone - The Undefeated Deepack vs. Josh & Wesz - Keep It Alive
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24 Responses to “Hardstyle 2011”

  1. laptok1 says:

    Don’t you worry my friend. HS will NEVER die! The reason is pretty simple: HARDSTYLE was, is and will be FOREVER!!!

  2. gimcnuk says:

    it’s the same 😉

  3. BLAZE45 says:

    jump style?

  4. andreerc1 says:

    Muy buena :ilied:

  5. gallina de piel <3

  6. KillerIce2010 says:

    Does anyone know where i can get hardstyle music from???????

  7. sanremominimal says:


  8. MrReyno1993 says:

    heaps good

  9. KamtheMetallicaFan says:

    <3 the first song

  10. son3live says:

    its so nice

  11. FJPtheDJ says:

    /watch?v=p4XJQW0CDG4 banging new hard-style mix!! from Miami DJ

  12. paytimeplay says:

    so much bass

  13. itouchfanatic783 says:

    Hardstyle !!!!

  14. motastreet007 says:

    dj hard free @hotmail. com

  15. hardsytle forever

  16. JackThePunisher55 says:

    Hardstyle Made God wake up

  17. myarrowfoo says:

    dubstep… for upper body workouts… hardstyle for cardio…. yup :DD thanks for listening .

  18. XMusicSelect says:

    love hardstyle


  19. OurStyleIsHardstyle says:

    00:00 please take this replay button because im fuckin’ the other one ! 🙂 Thumb up if u need a new one, too .

  20. Transcendor says:


  21. jafake200 says:

    best of 2011 but it was uploaded in 2010 ?!?!?

  22. pvmification says:

    a fucking 9 dislikeeee hellll nooooo ..i.,

  23. bennieboi1000 says:

    I LIKE 😀

  24. GlobalLTU says:

    when im listening to Style of Hard, my house is shaking. when im listenind to Hard of Style my friends from police office comes so listen it too ^^
    P.S. if you are my neighbour (i know what im talking about) im sorry for all noise i do, but i cant resist the force of HARDSTYLE!!!!!

    ALL you 8 noobs go fuck your sefl, if you dont like HS so dont go to HS wids, and dont push dislike or else, chuck norris will catch you and he will kick in your ass. Chuck Morris is sponsor of HARDSTYLE!