My friends wanted to see a new vid of me shuffling... So here it is! 😀 12-16-11 JvShflzz I dedicate this vid to all my family and friends! 😀 That have alwa...

4 Responses to “Hardstyle and Melbourne Shuffle.”

  1. Swag13Girl says:

    Ur Soooooo Awesome At Shuffling JOhan… :D

  2. Thnx! :D

  3. Ivanna Rosas says:

    nice shuffle

  4. Tahardakify says:

    Great improvment!!! A tip is that your room is small, if you are in an open spot then the running man and the shuffle could be “bigger”, you use bigger areas, for example : instead of doing running man like tutorial shows, do them that you move your feet instead for backwards you move then back and then out to the side. Take you left fot and take it back, then move it to the left.