just wait for it..................i wore my favorite mask xD Yeuaaa! I do not own elements of life its by Tiesto
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Music by ApEkWHuuT
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Hardstyle Clown Shuffling”

  1. 7seattlesfinest4 says:

    lol nice mask i love ur style too. keep it up!  HSL – (Disciple)

  2. DOCDAWWG1997 says:

    Awh, Cute.

  3. AnimeFridays says:

    im afraid to see what evil mode level 2 and 3 are like

  4. xHotxPasta says:

    Dude, this was TIGHT!!! i was like boring from the beginning but then the clown :O yikes that was awesome…

  5. maxofono123 says:

    whats the name of the last song?
    its not by tiesto.

  6. Backdrop91 says:

    I wonder what the neighbors thought across the street, looking into the garage

  7. Zapitor714 says:

    I saw it yeah those are some good points 🙂 like i started shuffling because it helped me get over my life problems and stuff. it really means alot to me than just being cool.

  8. AnythingButHuman says:

    Good points of Lmfao and Shuffle understanding,

  9. ix3mysquishy says:

    Fucck all haters! I think you’re prettty bomb at shuffling 🙂 &you look great in this videooo.

  10. veinlezz says:

    i need that mask…

  11. relintlessScar12 says:


  12. Corporacion22Robe says:

    I was listening this song /watch?v=rRpGXLAD9Uw and I was thinking in clowns shuffling so I search in youtube for a clown shuffling and I found this xD
    Nice video, with clowns shoes this video have been great

  13. emoflamePK says:

    fake!!!! garages doesnt exist!

  14. mrlolisrofl says:


  15. SPARKLER423478634 says:


  16. relintlessScar12 says:

    Dj Lady Dana – Hardstyle God (Terror hard mix)

  17. 91TheBulldozer says:

    what is the name of the 2nd song u use in this vid? i know the first one lol

  18. LittleGamerBoy1997 says:

    what are you a juggalo or somtin?

  19. wendyvigor says:

    i love it 🙂

  20. Doonskaia says:

    hahaaaa lov u !

  21. kacyraye says:

    body movements aren’t stupid. just a style of shuffling.
    in MY opinion, he looks like a pretty boss clown xD

  22. andrewxagony says:

    Haha this is great. Favorited :]

  23. evil mode X100 0.o 2:35
    keep shuffling hard

  24. SweClubberz says:

    LOL Nice ! 😀

  25. FailLikeAChamp says:

    thats hard and i like the mask

  26. jantjuh1992 says:

    yea lol Eu gots the Q-dance events and b2b lol what got america?
    50 cent ? Beyonce ? lol….

  27. Fergieiscool says:

    yeh these guys r good lolz im a european a scotsmen to be precise im also white haha i shuffle and i rekon im not far behind these guys jus need a partner to shuffle with lolz

  28. mfdoomify says:

    you guys are great im nowhere near as great as you guys. im black and i know how to hardstyle but im not that great

  29. noahnuhdino2 says:

    Dude,u must know all countries in this world take malaysian as idol and good example for shuffle…anihilate urself…fucking bushmen.

  30. noahnuhdino2 says:

    europian countries….they suck….ASSHOLE

  31. iamnakpro says:

    fuking malays…..
    wad i’m looking 4 is shuffles from europian countries….not this

  32. hottekerstbabe says:

    punk buster – what, either the club mix or the sam punk vs Steve L. remix

  33. hashies says:

    Whats this first song may i ask ?

  34. ShuffleMachines says:

    Very good!

    Your musics are the best!

  35. cocismaha says:

    nice 🙂

  36. markimrebolation says:


    legal o videos de voces
    flw galera
    Tudo de Bom

  37. FaNaTiC2210 says:

    FucK U Fanatic(FaNaTiC – FANATIC) its my name !!!!!love this video=)

  38. TEQTONYK says:

    Listen to all you fucking losers whinge & bitch. You lot are the reason that YT is beginning to suck.

    Just enjoy the fuckin video & stop arguing over shit that has got nothing to do with what you’re watching.

    Fuckin dickheads.

    Oh yeah , shuffling is awesome.

  39. drunkenTai says:

    WHATS THA 4TH SONG AT 2:39 !

  40. aliallamiK says:

    punk buster - what

  41. JohnyShuffleStyler says:

    wow nice nice music :)can i have the 1st song plz 🙂 thx ps: nice shuffle 🙂

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  50. Karangung31 says:

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