Don't forget to subscribe, rate, comment and favorite :] SONGS LIST: 1. A-Lusion Meets Scope Dj - Between Worlds 2. [Chris & Matt Kidd] Control (Blutonium Boy vs. DJ Neo Rmx) 3.angerfist - megamix 4. SMD - Just Like You 5. Hard Trance- Runaway 6. Starsplash - Hardstyle My Style 7. Jump Killer - What can we see I hope you enjoyed! For more info about our next meetups:

CSF members in order: Tune Astro Blaze Mazzi Alej Sushi Fear Juicebox Infinite Willis
Video Rating: 4 / 5


  1. extazy17 says:

    Visit Divineinformation (.) com. Both in Evrit and English.

  2. DeadStarOfDie says:

    OMG 馃槷 learn me hooow to shuffle! D:

  3. ryanpet266 says:

    Magmas hand motions are fail,

  4. SmartHardstyle says:


  5. nazzprivatestyler says:

    comes malaysia la..beat shuffle dance with me..n i will cut your head..hahahaha..fuck israel

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  8. itamar4256 says:

    讚讬讝讬谞讙讜祝 住谞讟专, 诇诪讛…
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  9. tomihadad says:

    where is the studio?…

  10. tomihadad says:

    where is the studio?…

  11. tomihadad says:

    where are you lerning?..
    where is the studio?..

  12. itamar4256 says:

    im the first one with black shirt :]
    and thx

  13. tomihadad says:

    is it u dancing in the video?…
    i love your shuffle…. 馃槈

  14. ofir1996 says:

    all of u are biggenrs and only shadow know how to dance lol im like him already and my freind is like him (off record we dance 2 moths)

  15. Foreverhardstyler says:


  16. ifailshuffle says:

    LMFAO, the jump was ok but some of that shuffling was just embarrassing, especially the wanabe sacco at 3:09

  17. at 4.43 it looks like the dance to scooter 馃槢

  18. ABStyle10 says:

  19. XESHADOWX says:

    well at least I have the name as Shadowzz rather than Shadowz.. ahh well :

  20. 讝讛 讘住谞讟专!!

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  22. 讗讞讬 诪讬 讗诇讛???
    讜 讗讬驻讛 讝讛 讙诐 讗谞讬 专讜爪讛!!!

  23. o_0 i dont mind you guys shuffling as long as you never claim it as the “Isreal Shuffle” it was made in melbourne 馃槢 So as long as you guys make sure you never take credit for the invention of the dance your fine with me (Y) Good work =D and glad to here its becoming globalized

  24. Gauntletbloggs says:

    The angerfist shuffler was the best.

  25. Well, Its was good but it wasent great. I suppose tho, It is Israel. The Jump duo was preety good but :). Keep it up (Y)

  26. holysoks1 says:

    CSF – Some of the best in cali, easily, well from what I’v seen… that’s not hard to be, but… props, they’re better than a lot of others ;D

  27. holysoks1 says:

    @heetherloovesyou Actually, it’s not.

    Cali shuffle has their own style, and it’s made up of, 90% – People who failed to learn malay shuffling properly (let alone the running man or the t-step)

  28. hectorjm94 says:

    i liked astro and sushi the most:p

  29. heetherloovesyou says:

    @3695566 thank you ! i knoow juicebox personaly i doont know if we’re talkin bout the same one but if we are go to UAOshuffling24 and the california shuffle is actuallly called malaysian shuffling you stupids

  30. Jinchi68 says:

    @Natureewhoops kfm blows LMFAO

  31. Juicebox is the cleanest!

  32. holysoks1 says:

    lol a lot of malay in there, mm not bad, so much better than ‘cali shuffle’

  33. holysoks1 says:

    boo yah, hard style shufflers.

    much better than most 馃槈

    keep it up, the rest of the shufflers in your state are ruining it 馃檨

  34. totalelectrotipes says:

    wooooowww exelent style you remember mee the rusian shuffle

  35. ricardo420247 says:

    i wish i had a recording device and editing program to show my stuff. cause quite frankly i hate to see those stupid jocks who think they can shuffle cause they listen to electo. FUCK THAT SHIT HARDSTYLE4LIFE!!!!

  36. iTBeUhhTragedyy says:

    why do all these guys look like malaysian shufflers?

  37. munchi3s1 says:

    Finally people from Cali who know how to shuffle good

  38. 2Boobie4 says:


  39. roboattack2 says:

    alej is good

  40. roboattack2 says:

    alej is my cuz he shuffles good

  41. NeverTooMuchBass says:

    You are the only guys doing it right in Cali! lol =3

    EDA // RHD-usa

  42. NeverTooMuchBass says:

    You are the only guys doing it right in Cali! lol =3

  43. Klickthishype1 says:

    @Natureewhoops Fuck no we arent

    AOH | HERO | CSF Mazzi

  44. RBPresents says:

    I loved it, nice shufflers and edit..
    Keep rock!

    – Ruy

  45. InTraniC1337 says:

    Nice shuffle + tracks

  46. MyEdgar09 says:

    whats the song Willis Shuffles to?

  47. MyEdgar09 says:

    @NoLabelCabby most of this is MAS [Malaysian] Hardstyle mixed with a pinch of melbourne.

    GMH// Gravity

  48. You guys Still Have Tryouts(:

  49. Natureewhoops says:

    CSF is The KFM in Hardstyle 馃檪

  50. WorldSteez says:

    blaze would have two of the same sweaters 馃槷 give me one!