some shufflers vs jumpers @ klaipeda meet. battles.

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Melbourne Shuffle vs Hardjump (2009)”

  1. its all about hardjump

  2. bacaninha!
    :] Vejam esse video!!!
    Watch this video!!!
    AUS Shuffle vs HardJump
    By: Teds – Rock’n’Raverz

  3. WeAreOneBDN says:

    1:20 – 1:30


  4. emmanuelcorvera says:

    i thought that second shuffler was having a seizure… lmao…

  5. The Jumpers RAPED!!!

  6. OnlyRJORDAN559 says:

    Jumpstyle wins….this time

  7. Hüpsche mädels im hintergrund *-*

  8. MelSarcauga says:

    i call it even. nice job guys! 🙂

  9. wwowow so many people are that

  10. see my new video sidejump and my new video HardJump

    comment and rate =]



  11. hardepicstyle says:

    HsB//Kr@bis , HsB//ViNiK and HsB//Destrojer its a clan cool!

  12. hardepicstyle says:

    @mew159753 hahahahahah you sucket stupid mew IT`s For alll ZzZzZzZ

  13. jumpstyle is for kids onder 10 years 😀

  14. hardepicstyle says:

    name all the songs

  15. mauricio6409 says:

    names of songs plz

  16. hardepicstyle says:

    wowo genial

  17. hardepicstyle says:

    good video .. !! From Chile Viva El Hard Jump !

  18. hardepicstyle says:

    WoWwowW wow its a perfect song you are cool!!

  19. in this video, the jumpers were representin, i gotta give it to em’

  20. joshwurts123 says:

    this video was amasing im a jumped just like vwbora1point8T and i have to give this one to the jumpers im mean one kid almost quits but i loved this video nice

  21. @tonklep2007 The last song is Dj Elemento – The Winner of the Battle , you can’t find these because this song is my

  22. tonklep2007 says:

    can someone tell me where i can find the song at 3:47?

  23. ab 2:13…geht der junge aber richtig ab!!!!

  24. Jumpstyle WINS! :3