hardstylerepublic.teamconvention.com This was random video

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic @ August 07”

  1. ZaBiiKzCanShuffle says:

    /watch?v=gpaJahMevqU me shufflin’ yay rate n comment if u want, thank u guys ;D

    by the way… nice (Y)

  2. bayblayde says:

    @hardstyle455 The firm racist, the Hardstyle is so much however the blacks for the whites it is that your not understood(included)… (Saddened if it is not understandable but I use a translator. Lol.)

  3. NightmareShuffle says:

    @Diestro92 thx

  4. Diestro92 says:

    Dj Activator – Knockout c

  5. hardstyle455 says:


  6. Bu4100 says:

    ah mlk!!!

  7. Bu4100 says:




  8. xriscrossshuffler says:

    I’m working on learning to Harstyle Shuffle. I’m excited. Ya’ll are beast!

  9. weslay96 says:

    7:22 Bien hard comme je les aimes =p

  10. HSRSkyBoYJ3553Mclovi says:

    whoo! yea! im hyped already.. lol cant wait to move to uk!

  11. NightmareShuffle says:

    @marcbunny just learn it 😛 its not to hard

  12. NightmareShuffle says:

    whats the name of the song at 4:08?

  13. MaryJane93100 says:

    soong naame? pls !!

  14. MaryJane93100 says:

    Song Nameee pls ??

  15. Twizzlleerr says:

    @theprayerpker who gives a fuck its malaysia.

  16. JakesTubeTutorials says:

    @marcbunny Give practice

  17. gustavowxt says:

    what final song?

  18. RedThunder0335 says:

    @marcbunny Practise! I wanted too! And to begin with I felt soo stupid trying to move like that… Eventually it got better and some good comments in the city gave enough to actually start enjoying it! hope you got better since your comment 😛

  19. NAZRIN109 says:

    @Balix90 haha..i guess it is

  20. oOxXTimXxOo says:

    1:33 WUUUUW never saw achik shufflin THAT FUCKIN HARD

  21. XtraOrdinaryFILMS says:

    @theprayerpker He is musher. His above 18. lol.

  22. Armendos07 says:

    Songname pls! (:


  23. tatazinhabiel says:

    Muitoooooooooooooooo bom

  24. Justin3871 says:

    nice video

  25. theprayerpker says:

    0:30 the guy in the middel he is like 11 years old and he is smokin FTW?