Melbourne Shuffle Hardstyle Republic (MAS) Ft. Aboy aka The Bass Killer HOPE YOU ENJOY Thank you. SUBSCRIBE MY VIDEOS TO NEW VIDEO RELEASED =]
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25 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic (MAS) – Aboy aka The Bass Killer PART2”

  1. SpasticWorldOfDanny says:

    m8, dis song is da bizzle, he’s like “im a motherfucking raver with the hardstyle flavour” dat is G init

  2. persuas15 says:

    List Song Pleasee!!!

  3. carelessthe1andonlyy says:

    @bigbigkick ebayyy ;p

  4. jeah good song

  5. Showtek – Raver

  6. AboY89Hardstyle says:


  7. xXxedwiuxXx says:


  8. AboY89Hardstyle says:

    jz practise it at youtube…
    more easier…
    search for tutorial…

  9. AboY89Hardstyle says:

    O.o ?

  10. AboY89Hardstyle says:


  11. DarksideShuffle says:

    Their called Phatt pants, and you can get them at many places, the best are usually from strange days or heatwave as they usually have the best quality, you may find them eltswhere if you can find them, also the more complex the design is the more they are, they can run anywhere between $110-$300 AUS

  12. where do u bay those pants?

  13. bigbigkick says:

    hey check it out my shuffle battle and comment it if u guess who wins…thx^^

  14. nico281293 says:

    what is the song?

  15. xXxedwiuxXx says:

    wana learn shuffle¿¿¿¿¿ send me message to email or my chanel i will send u some basic and andvanced move tutorials if u want ^^

  16. teamsingapore says:

    showtek raver

  17. COMENT/


  18. nahemahxxx says:

    .___.; Teach me? Please? I’ll give you my soul.

  19. bendixxxxx says:

    with which song is the vid ?

  20. bigbigkick says:

    i just wanna know which place on ipoh can buy those pants…

  21. jinluvbit says:

    For Aboy: kau bagi tau c danial HR(Labuan) supaya bagi cepat ID HR aku…k..

  22. MonkeyDudeButt says:

    I know a shuffler that so smooth at his move,ownstyle n owning.. search for kaoslightningz

  23. doggedogge1234 says:

    The guy in the vid is the fucking king of dancing

  24. NaathanJumper says:

    Good mans…
    is a goods shufflers


    look a my video plis

    Leave it alone yours Coment’s & opinions please. if be assesses

  25. Destlny616 says:

    SABAH ROX!!!