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50 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic (MAS) – MOONBOY”

  1. AznSamSam says:

    1. DJ Slideout – Bloody Pimp
    2. Citizen – If I Say Stop
    3. ???

  2. Madness ;o

  3. such a cheat usin socks ;p

  4. Dirtysanz69 says:

    hahaha this shit is rediculus cant believe im evn watching this

  5. flypucky1 says:

    omg der ist so geil !!!
    ich willl genau so gut sein wie er !!!!!!

  6. aznpsylicka says:

    @siggihm Shuffling to express not to impress.

  7. im buying this kid for christmas .

  8. F8GMproductions says:

    second song?

  9. Paikuhan111 says:

    Gott verdammt was geht denn mit dem jungen ab , so gehn andere Leute auf Acid ab doch deris ja derHammer.
    Wie alt is der 9, 10 gott verdammt echt du hast dir den Daumen absolut nach oben verdient.

  10. VTDarkAngel94 says:

    Its amazing what kids can do these days

  11. dontgotosomalia says:

    hmm im going to do some shuffling now 😀

  12. burdenedinnocence says:

    i love this kid, i hope my kid will shuffle as well as this

  13. twitch136661 says:

    @siggihm The thumbs up/down itself isn’t what confused me, it’s the fact my eyesight isn’t well enough to be able to TELL which one is the up and down

  14. twitch136661 says:

    @siggihm um excuse you but it has nothing to do with pills you basket case. Not everyone in this world has perfect eyesight. And you’re wanting to talk about pills when you can’t even speak proper english? Yeah…ok. You got a mouth…a shame you don’t use it on someone who CARES

  15. @twitch136661
    see, this is the kind of people that listen to this pill eating junk.
    Get confused by a thumbs up/down.. Lives not easy when you eat so much pills that your brain rot away..

    Still kid got talent, ashame he dont use it somewhere it matters..

  16. twitch136661 says:

    @Legendlucius oops lol just so you know i meant to give you a thumbs up and accidentally hit the thumbs down. lol sorry i got confused

  17. jaimieshepperd1 says:

    He is probably the most amazing small child I have ever seen in my life.

  18. if u don’t like it , don’t watch , just DIE

  19. the moonboy goes hard

  20. hardstyleshufflerz13 says:

    Hehe hes overpwned 😛

  21. TheGooch47 says:

    i wish the real santa could shuffle like this!!

  22. RightHandManX666 says:

    i wounder if its that hes stomping hard when hes taking steps or hes pushing off when ever he takes steps because i love how he flows so easily and how it looks like hes the one that’s making he bass kick. hmmm i may never know.

  23. smokinpiinkcookies says:

    DAMN!!! this boy is hardcore badass!!! he moves so freaken freely

  24. Katsuhiro96 says:

    mulekee e foda

  25. kerossoundz says:

    1:02 is his best of the video the style is so hard so sync with the energy around us its deeper that what we realize he is hardcore bad go moonboy deuces ffrom austin texas to wherever this style is

  26. ElementsofHardstyle1 says:

    Im dritten Battle der linke is derb gut ich hab so nen Style noch nie gesehen aber der is richtig Hammer endlich mal einer der gechackt das man beim shufflen seinen eigenen Style entwickeln soll.(thumb up)

  27. shufflexXxfreak says:

    richtug geil

  28. mchalloweed says:

    das is out und tot

  29. mchalloweed says:

    da is out und tot

  30. HardstyleDomii says:

    shufflen is the best =p
    not bad nice video dude =)

  31. OnkelDJCH says:

    @combattf121 hakken is best man

  32. combattf121 says:

    @Hagelnot nix shufflen… hakken!!! 😀

  33. HbsShuffler10 says:

    ihr battlet euch aufn meet naja das nenn ich fail ! XD ist net böse gemeint oda so 😉 XD aber an sonsten ist von allen das shuffle ganz nice und das video ist ja eh ziemlich alt von daher 😀 XD

  34. aznbrolives1 says:

    @TDaem0n more like trolololo

  35. ahahahahahah big shit 😉

  36. FanaticHardstyler10 says:


    ich auch … macht einfach spasss…

  37. Einbenjoe says:

    Ne frage
    Wer ist das ca ab 2:24?

  38. Einbenjoe says:

    Ne frage
    wer ist das ca ab 2:24?

  39. albanerboy17 says:

    ich 🙂
    Hds kenzo

  40. Und wer von euch allen shufflet immer noch? ^^

  41. SongList please………)

  42. 7Lukinhass says:

    eu seii ….

    dexa quetos

  43. @7Lukinhass speedodevo e da malasia , e ñ australia

  44. 7Lukinhass says:

    kadee o Speedodevo?

  45. tracklist pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!))) cool vid.

  46. StyriaFHS says:

    LOOK this is 2 years ago, pfffff


    greezz FHS || Fusion!

  47. xxshufflepupixx says:

    first song:
    the beholder zany – bleeding for the harder style (decibel 2008 anthem)

  48. todos sao uma bosta ai

  49. Arthurtuca123 says:

    q merda

  50. 0:30 to 0:40 stairway to heaven.