*speedodevo part3* edit by roti keju!!lalalala hahaha

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic (MAS) -Speedodevo part 3”

  1. WrathRogue says:

    LIke to see HR go against Justin Bieber

  2. GottaGatchaman says:

    his so very cool, I wish i could dance like that ^^

  3. GottaGatchaman says:

    His so very cool^^ i wish I could dance like that ^^

  4. aivispopesku says:

    29 people like how justin bieber dance

  5. dadoofusbeats says:

    there are three types of fats at 4:00 the girl in the back of speedodevo is fat she is wearing phats and the dj says let me give you a fat kick

  6. andrushimusic says:

    Menjetek már!!! Mi ez???

  7. DcSinner says:

    Speedodevo o melhor °/

  8. lucasassis121 says:

    nao precisa a selerar o video.

  9. joyce6911 says:

    waht software did u use ???

  10. MsDawntracker says:

    yaahy everyone has hardstyle in the blood

  11. carelessthe1andonlyy says:

    heyy checkk my vids out my nick name is careless n this GUY SPEEDODEVO is my IDOL <3 ahaha

  12. alves4986 says:

    video muito loco vmdskvjkef ejeirwo iotirewfdmcs ewureiwds iwerjkewf fgmn gfnmegiorjndv eiufgwin oegfvnsd ensdgioheriunfg fsdoifjvl wsnfgreonefn v

  13. Putasux951 says:

    Comments and Rates -q my twoo movies


  14. MrTheAgant says:

    I love hardstyle and this music x_x =PPPP

  15. turboman801 says:

    speedodevo is amazing but musher is better!!!!

  16. paolagreycedecamargo says:

    hard styleee minha vidaaa

  17. Gigestaway says:

    The fat girl think that she dancing but she just skake on her butt 😀 (4.00 )

  18. HRfaiz69 says:

    Ulead video studio… nice.. 😀

  19. imJOP14 says:

    4:30 WT?
    sick spin!

  20. KickMyNick says:

    please see and comment my shuffle vid

  21. ThomaZo369 says:

    @OSWFritez hardstyle is actually a dance on its own aswell, its just you stomp harder and focus more on your hands and running man than in melbourne shuffle 😛

  22. OSWFritez says:

    Hardstyle is juz MUSIC. Nothing about the dance!!!!

  23. Cilliable says:

    @SgtDissziplin Malaysians also tend to onestep RM often…

  24. lirasilas says:

    Name muzic??

  25. ApizzMST says:

    1)Blutonium Boy-Hardstyle Instructor(Original)
    2)Dark Oscillators-Nero(Original)