Hardstyle Republic (MAS) Syawal AKA Yoshiro

syawal aka yoshiro hardstyle republic shuffle video made by himself
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Shuffle 101 - Lmfao good points and Shuffle understanding

Please watch the entire video before you comment and take into account that i'm trying to show a positive side to things instead of only obessing on the negatives which everyone else is doing. Also to help people understand where the dislike comes from. Melbourne shuffle documentary: www.youtube.com Dutch melbourne shufflers: youtu.be
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Hardstyle Republic (MAS) Syawal AKA Yoshiro”

  1. THEM4Austria says:

    but whats the name off the song at 3.55 this is a other song..who know it….the first is from yoji m…..but the at 3:55 please

  2. ichigorukawa5443 says:

    india cina sluruh dunia buat bende ne sial

  3. Bizarrnonsense says:

    Yoji Biomehanika & Romeo Toscani – Six Hours 

  4. THEM4Austria says:

    yoji biomehanika vs romeo – six hours

  5. 13Modern says:

    what is this song ?

  6. EMOasyari says:

    ==!ada la,go watch flashmob on cs or sutera mall at johor==stupid

  7. RoxxSquall says:

    sebab takda la melayu buat . zafrul ” speedodevo ” ? o0o

  8. zafrulspeedodevo says:

    dripada korang smua dok buat shuffle lbih baik buat prkara yng brfaedah mcam ni shuffle mcam ler faedah sngat smua orng yng shuffle tu smua ank melayu ad ank orng cina atau india wat mcam ni????ad????

  9. ibanezcrow says:

    Yoshiro is boss!! 100/100

  10. TheMaMaN04 says:

    nk tanye leh?? lagu ape di pakai ini???

  11. dannyjsn93 says:

    pergh semat
    idop yoshiro

  12. tkieromuxxo says:

    ..!! Woo………

  13. harddevokiroro says:


  14. harddevokiroro says:


  15. pijai38 says:

    aha ouke jugak untuk ko..hi3..

  16. NAZRIN109 says:

    aha ouke selamat pagi:)

  17. pijai38 says:

    ok… pendapat  boleh diterima, good think….. thankz

  18. NAZRIN109 says:

    i mean.bknla moonboy x hebt..tp yoshiro ag tere sbb dia da jumpa style dia..ni vid lama syawal yg lama..moonboy kira tere la dak kcik ag

  19. NAZRIN109 says:

    i mean its not like moonboy x hebat lar..at a tender age..he is actually good..tp yoshro ag style..kt vid ni dia yg lama..skunk dia ag best..moonboy msih lg blom jumpa style dia ag

  20. pijai38 says:

    kenapa x hebat

  21. NAZRIN109 says:

    moonboy x hebat

  22. frozerful1 says:

    2:18 so smart

  23. hardstyler522 says:

    adik saiful apek

  24. ar3mirmeme says:

    gaya shuffle boleh tahan…tapi lagu x best….ko sesuai masuk raja lawak je la…..pandai melawak…

  25. sujushinee1406 says:

    lgu x sdap..

  26. zerodeath980Reborn says:

    i respect u u earned a subscriber plz make more vids

  27. 3PICHACKZ says:


    that spells boring

  28. DaBlackIdentity says:

    I juzt have one thing to zay bout LMFAO shuffle……….F.U.C.K.O.F.F.

  29. carlossrk99 says:

    this is very true! this happened to me and in my opinion, i think lmfao ruined shuffling…

  30. elitekiller0001 says:

    only thing that seriously pisses people off about lmfao is they make it sound like they founded shuffling yet shuffling started 10-15 years before there song came out and that they call it shuffling it isn’t shuffling its the shttest version of shuffling ever look up sacco in the search bar and go to the first compilation now that is shuffling! lmfao stop claiming you started it cause you didn’t! shuffle to express not to impress – QHS/NHS Flame

  31. Kanade700 says:

    3:47 the person looks like gareth bale lool

  32. skataholicc says:

    ahahahaha 3:47 WHAT a twat

  33. AshleighConlonxx says:

    OMFG! 3:50 he is shit.

  34. sxcj0shy says:

    LOLOL 3:33

  35. HarDGeNxJAY says:

    Lmfao are clowns, dissin shuffle with their shit moves

  36. MarxxHardDancer says:

    In my opinion the original shuffle is still melbourn and i dont give a damn fuck about the shity shuffle Lmfao invented. I think everybody knows that this sucks and all the ppl who started shuffeling 2-4 years ago (on hardstyle) knows what real shuffle is^^

  37. needleszja says:

    not only is he shuffling to that crap, he starts before it drops LOL

  38. conutach says:

    oh my fucking god man ive been shuffling in melbourne since 2007 i own a hardstyle shuffle crew blah blah blah all the criterior ie phat pants PHD hoodie rave suspende tags its not just a style its a life to me its everything its in my blood and i hate LMFAO for trying to sell it!!!!!!!!! u just simply cant, here in melborne crews battle to determine whos better we have meet ups where 60 or more people turn up…

  39. AnythingButHuman says:

    Hahaha yep major fail!

  40. needleszja says:

    lol @ 3:46 Fail

  41. Ayyitschris says:

    LMFAO needs to stop shuffling. justine beiber shuffling with them at the AMA’s made it all fkn worse.

  42. CrutialProductions says:

    Lmao no 🙂

  43. AnythingButHuman says:

    is the other 0.01% restricted by detol lol.

  44. CrutialProductions says:

    You sir have so much of my Respect. I agree with 99.99% of what you said.

  45. AnythingButHuman says:


  46. Don’t stop making videos.

  47. TomasJumpi69 says:

    LMFAO “shuffle” .. is very badddd .. i hate it ^_^

  48. agreed, 100%, been shuffling for 2 years and also get the crap where people assume i learned it from LMFAO, even though my style doesnt look much like theyre crappy shuffling, and i really hate that theyre claiming its theirs :/

  49. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    True shuffler’s have been shuffling
    and after
    it became mainstream. and We true shuffler’s will have it live on 4ever!!!!

  50. what are other acronyms for laughing other than lol. lmao. lmfao, rofl?