Hardstyle Republic crew performing at Rush club, wave up event =D. -Camera man, Mickey =P... hahaha -The guy who keep running around infront of me, Musher. hahaha... -1st 2 person from left Aryl, Kechik -2nd 2 person from left Amirul, Apekwhuut -Liquid guy Achik
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a video about one of my favourite songs. E-Fect - Glorification (Zatox & Activator Remix)
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Hardstyle Republican”

  1. kurtbella88 says:

    lol the dislikes ofc from australian shufflers..

  2. MrLeoziin says:

    por favor vejam ..

  3. song ??

  4. HellFire0123 says:

    aryl LOL xDDD

  5. LukaTheSable says:

    Genuine Fun


  6. CraftyNightStalker says:

    i love these guys!!

  7. lovetijuana says:

    wonderfull number#1 one hardstyle republic

  8. lzammyl3 says:

    god i wish i could do that

  9. perumafia666 says:

    fucking tight best of the best right there 5/5

  10. bushidowarlord says:

    “This is Anderson Cooper, reporting from the Hardstyle Republican National Convention. Moonboy is about to accept the nomination…”

  11. jizzleh2 says:

    off the hook!
    the shufflers of HR are always amazes me.
    and the liquid dude is AWESOME!

  12. GilbertoGMJ says:

    Brazilian Here…
    Ow My God…
    This is the Best of the Hardstyle Republic…
    It’s Very,Very Good…

    Keep Training…

  13. u rock guys

  14. BLaZiNxDeLuXe says:

    its called:
    Dj Merlin and C-Bass – No Alternative

  15. kingkill007 says:

    woohooo go apekwhuut 😀

  16. deonace says:

    “no alternative”

  17. LorDmiLuK says:

    can i know the song name?please

  18. LorDmiLuK says:

    can i know the song name?please

  19. ariffekin says:

    that not moonboy liao..
    that SPEEDODEVO.

  20. is moonboy in there?

  21. KimiHardStyLe says:

    Abg Khairil nmpak Cute seyh kat vid nie…
    Abg Khairil Is D Best ShuffLe In D World!!!
    You All Must Know That!!! =)

  22. poepert09 says:

    woooow! echt relaxt man !! :D

  23. chrizzell says:

    where i can buy a swetshirt and a t-shirt from hardstyle republic?
    please give me a answer

  24. Rahamu91 says:


  25. frederik15gud says:

    omg nice i wanna learn that too awsome !!!!!

  26. vastag91 says:

    best epic song ever 🙂

  27. KungFuSeagul says:


  28. lineofverse says:

    dude at 2:06 has 15 girlfriends…

  29. lineofverse says:

    dude at 2:30 knows how to move

  30. lineofverse says:

    this song is awesome

  31. rafael130993 says:

    idols *-*

    KG bidows

  32. oshyria says:

    The original song is by Craig arms strong titled “Escape”.

  33. sasi1412 says:

    Could someone Help me please!!!!!!

    Since weeks im searching a song… it´s also with this choir song “glorification” but i think it´s hardcore or something like that. and it´s a lil bit like these songs at the beginnig, but other in the middle of the song and at the end… hardcore i think…

    does someone know???

    PLEASE!!! :((

  34. jellyguy96 says:

    @STORMCAT06 Then make a video

  35. TheJasonSoon says:

    Escape - Craig Armstrong

  36. TheMovieinspector says:

    God. Is it just me, or would the intro be perfect for Halo Reach? :S

  37. TheMovieinspector says:

    This song is so bloody good.

  38. Re3Sp0n says:

    0:58 itz gay xD
    2:45 real shuffle, respect. x)

    nice vid

  39. vardanology says:

    gay dance,cool music.

  40. DBZHDTECHNO says:

    great Vid :)) 5*****

  41. sbarmyman says:

    I like the bit before the guy starts rapping

  42. windswept23 says:


  43. MoDGODzZ100 says:

    took me 2 months to finally find this song and when i did i was disapointed

  44. DefQon0One says:

    Just Epic ! !!!!

    Hardstyle united!

  45. 35november says:

    yea I was looking for that and its merely a portion of this song

  46. rockalelee says:

    perfect dance 5/5*

  47. MrSlexiukas says:

    Awesome.. 5/5

  48. 7nrgparty7 says:

    Nice shufflin=D

  49. ghanoe753 says:

    i think a full version doesnt exist on youtube. this part is just from the “hr – unstoppable” vid.