31.07.2009 - Meetup in Katowice with Hardstyle Revolution. We are a group trying to aspire to like of best showing our abilities and the presentation Melbourne shuffle. On meetup were current: Deep Energy Maro Geoo Chaos Loxin Lier Cvanyy Siemens Please rate, comment and subscribe !
Video Rating: 4 / 5

24 Responses to “Hardstyle Revolution ™ – Promo 2009”

  1. hella dope!

  2. kashimiroDark says:

    @MrWafflefarts looll really!? XD

  3. MrWafflefarts says:

    @kashimiroDark wow i posted this comment a year ago and still no song list ???

  4. kashimiroDark says:

    @MrWafflefarts Where is song list!?

  5. LeslieLovesYou05 says:

    Simply AMAZING ^__^ … loved every single second of this video.!

  6. dorianek88 says:


    Song 9 Frontliner – The First Cut

  7. dorianek88 says:


    Song9 Frontliner – The First Cut

  8. shinra2012 says:

    Najlepsi na tym VIDEO:
    Jeszcze jedna rzecz:
    Cvany na początku norlmalnym tempem tańczył a potem cały czas zwalniał
    A tak to Filmik Zajebisty
    Sub i łAPKA LECI

  9. mtrivera12 says:

    Beautiful editing

  10. for once a desent camera

  11. justasomebody says:


  12. HardstyleHardteck says:

    siemens is the best

  13. so this is where HSA’s talent went

  14. xXxFlasHxXx1 says:

    congrats for this vid… very good i would like to shuffle like you’s 😀 i am just happy to see ppl doin shuffle this good !:D

  15. HardstyleHardteck says:

    echt geil :)

  16. Technoshuffler1 says:

    your good but i am better (have no vid)

  17. what a programm u used for doing this video? O.o this is so good! and nice dancing! my favourite is geoo^^

  18. TheKelseyshae says:

    holytits. the guy’s blue shorts are REALLYY freaking short,
    but other than that?
    great video. keep it uppp.

  19. lewispowell23 says:

    as soon as i herd the song at 1:11 I started to shuffle cuz i love that song <3
    Like who is with me :P

  20. RESPEKT, echt heftiges Video !! (respect, really violent video!!)

  21. net12345zzz says:

    the editing is so good………….

  22. why the fuck is the guy in the mask wearing short shorts or boxxers??

  23. HSCSolace52 says:

    its obvious that deep, chaos and lier are ur groups best shufflers, and a hint dont shuffle in shorts, try to stick with pants, i love the editing

  24. WhiteXTribal says:

    4:20 brutal!!!!! to PRO! Deep! ~5:29 Energy will do honor to your name!!!