Hardstyle Shuffle In the old days

Found a video of people doing the running man, haha. I mean, moves are quite like the Melbourne Shuffle, just more, 70's, 80's, you know? No the video is not mine, I found it here: www.glossyinc.com
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23 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle In the old days”

  1. xXBloodSightXx says:

    Nope not watching in 2012, I’m watching it in 1500 B.C. on my iStone

  2. lovethedubdub says:

    this is badass

  3. ChewyFang says:

    UTAH SAINTS - Something Good ’08 😀

  4. TehJamsiJK says:

    is that all you have to do?

    with my 2009 shuffle skills, i can learn this in a day.

  5. It’s surprising how many people shuffle, yet hardly any one knows that the real shuffle started in the 50’s or 60’s. My grandma used to shuffle when i was young lol

  6. Utah Saints- Something ’08

  7. Shuffling

  8. erikcarranza13 says:

    wtf i thot the running man was bearlly a new dance

  9. tacoman162 says:

    mc hammer made shuffling o_0

  10. AnythingButHuman says:

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  11. devinr88 says:

    and i thought i was an oldfag

  12. iKillborn2kilNOE says:

    Sick!! Im sure he’s Australian 😀
    This is way better than LMFAO!!!!

  13. leiasephia29 says:

    LOVE IT 🙂

  14. leiasephia29 says:

    i have a strong feelings that this is not in the 80s

  15. that songs 1989? bloody hell

  16. Trippstix says:

    I was just waiting for some mysterious hooded phat pants shuffler to sweep in and obliterate them all. lol

  17. AkemiKioku says:

    all the cool kids are doing it. 😀

  18. WatchusShuffle says:

    thats bad ass mix it with some melbourne shuffle 😀

  19. ninjawatcher says:


  20. Kekkohdesu says:

    ROFL!!!!! stole the running man

  21. wecwalknshuffle says:

    ahahha mc hammer stole the running man XD

  22. wecwalknshuffle says:

    lawl this givs me sum ideas 4 my nxt shuffle vid :]

  23. wtozafignja says:

    utah saints – something good 08