Hey guys, this is my first hardstyle shuffle video. I'm just a beginner so pls dont hate comment but I'd love to get some advice.

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle – India Style –”

  1. Max Towers says:

    intro is half the fucken video…

  2. TheFrostHydra says:

    youre off beat. your foot is supposed to hit the ground each time you hear
    the bass kick.

  3. Ganesh Raja says:

    @snowclone66 thx for the tip..gonna remember this for the next one^^

  4. TheFrostHydra says:

    if you can sync your steps youll be all good

  5. snowclone66 says:

    @lagalang no prob. BTW im indian and i shuffle 2 so ya

  6. Ganesh Raja says:

    yeah I am 😀 (goin’ to school together 😀 ) ur a zorrofriend of him too
    right? ( I started with zorro as well…..he just inspired me 😀 )

  7. Tim Schmidt says:


  8. Ganesh Raja says:

    @TheFrostHydra thx, this was my first vid. now i practiced more 😉 watch
    the other vid’s if you want

  9. Ganesh Raja says:

    ^^ danke

  10. Ganesh Raja says:

    @snowclone66 oh nice ur indian too^^ I remembered me at ur tip when I was
    doing my second vid yesterday^^

  11. Ganesh Raja says:

    @unihockeyfreak ooooow yeeeah ;D

  12. lol looks india style is diff, from others . fanny style

  13. Ganesh Raja says:

    @SUNEEIC ya^^ not really india style…just as a name…. actually it is
    swiss style ;D 😀 but this vid was just the first something I could do ^^

  14. xinglong1993 says:

    nice, are you tim’s friend? 🙂

  15. Ganesh Raja says:

    haha indiastyle 😀

  16. Ganesh Raja says:

    danke viel mal ^^ ja musch eifach mal verbii cho ;D wohn immer no a de
    gliich stell xD kiss Ganesh

  17. QueenofelectrO says:

    gseht ja voll geil us. Weni widr mal uf zh gange den muesch mer das mal
    live zeige =) küssli Dayana <3

  18. Tim Schmidt says:

    Geils Video alta!!! 5*

  19. Ganesh Raja says:


  20. digger du rocksch INDIA STYLE

  21. Ganesh Raja says:

    danke 😀

  22. harleyshuffle says:

    go u indian cunt 😀

  23. catie31195 says:

    es isch vooooollll geil ganutschi hahahahahahah ly caiteh

  24. snowclone66 says:

    Tip: pick up the pace if your gonna use this song.

  25. Ganesh Raja says:

    haha ^^