it's time for a hardstyle video in HD 😉 i hope enjoy you ^_^ like me on facebook !! [TRACKLIST ] 1. Hardstyle Masterz & Max Enforcer - Respect 2. TNT - Double Dutch Darkies 3. Akon - Right Now (Hardstyle Remix) #71 -- Heiß diskutiert (heute) -- Musik #68 -- Beste Bewertung (heute) -- Musik

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle Mix // Ser0x”

  1. cocatoo555 says:

    Super Video! Wie lange shufflest du schon?

  2. EddyPwndProductions says:

    @TheMCAndre can i ask you where did you get those phd thingies :3

  3. indoglider says:

    very unique style for hardstyle
    try making a tutorial video…an advanced one

  4. TrueMaxEvans says:

    very nice))
    Hello From Latvia))

  5. flipadonkey says:

    epic ^.^ keep it up 😀 where you get your phats+jacket from? :p

  6. JumPInfectioN says:

    you need to mae more videos, mate!

  7. Jannemann09 says:

    Nice shuffle:)

  8. HardstyleConquerers says:

    if thats you mate sweet as! love it ! Great Job!! keep it going!!

  9. ShinzoHardDancer says:

    excelent, awesome, wonderful, great Ser0x!!! 😉

    Shinzo, Chile

  10. TR33T0P03 says:

    classic shuffle 🙂
    i like it!
    GMH Choya

  11. Kohlus94 says:

    Dankeschöön;) Deiner is geil, eh *-* Hammerhart.^.^
    abo haste;) <3

  12. st3ffen1 says:

    Awesome videos and shuffle 🙂 Like your style.

  13. munichhazarddominato says:

    du hasts echt drauf :P

  14. HardstyleChira says:

    sehr geiles vid, und die pants *-* 

  15. Nice jacket!

  16. Hard666Styler says:

    This is awesome man clean style if u can check out my vids? Keep it up. HDC Sacer

  17. JanniTheBmxBoy says:

    aber geiles video

  18. JanniTheBmxBoy says:

    die ist so geil aber teuer wie sau diese phat pants häte ich mich nicht gehollt zu teuer

  19. mit normalen hosen wär’s cool

  20. ESSshuffler says:

    Nice Video man doin great(:

  21. cgrapeape93 says:

    this vid is sick ima try to do hard style 🙂

  22. TheNinjahattori says:

    good shuffle, genial friend!!

  23. rorodu731 says:

    good shuffle 🙂 love your style

  24. St0n3br34k3r says:

    Muhahaha ich habs mir angeguckt und ich mag es :> Weiter so! 😀

  25. spiedew says:

    i like your style with phat pants =)

    HFD | Sparks