Normally I´m not a big hardstyle fan, but this track is awsome! Pitchmasterzz - Hardstyle
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Bulldog Hardstyle Shuffle Dont Make A Hardstyle Video Unless You Can Actualy Shuffle Hardstyle. i love you all
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffle – Pitchmasterzz”

  1. carloszuk says:

    OMG!! Amazing Shuffle !!! *O*

  2. DEFKISSDAY says:

    @wiljw3 Holy crap your right! he spun, which must have slowed down time, and he got to change shirts, where to us it looked like it just faded into it xD

  3. thecrazyshuffler says:

    damnn yourr good at shufflinnn(:

  4. AgentPopcornGirl says:

    “Crap!! Splinter!!” ^-^”

  5. AgentPopcornGirl says:

    it looks like you’re freaking floating xD I WANNA LEARN!! xD

  6. Maikolzor says:

    Your awsome man 😀 makes me wanne practice more 😉

  7. SchnitzelTriftPommes says:

    Echt gutes shuffle würde dich mal gern auf einem Meet Up sehen so live shufflen

    LG daumen hoch

  8. xXInnosXx says:

    Wow, Nice Shuffle and Nice music ;D

  9. sick man! haha

  10. Finaly someone that understands the main-key to make Shuffle look good.
    Thanx for the show and keep on dancing 😉

  11. ifailshuffle says:

    good shuffle, not hard enough for a hardstyle song tho.

  12. ShadowJumper94 says:

    Wow! Awesome! You’re a really cool shuffler:):)

  13. Nice pelvic thrust at :57

  14. imafoxxyone says:

    0:55 woo!

  15. imafoxxyone says:

    1:00 !!!! yes!

  16. Belvedre420 says:

    nice style but u shuld work on ur hands movement tho

  17. Jigimaru says:

    lolwut this is You are my angel :DD but the remix is fucking awesome

  18. kackbon0099 says:

    suche deutsche!!^^ kann zwar shufflen aber dieses schnelle zur seite da bräuchte ich mal nen tutorial bitte schreibt mir ne pm und wo kann man diese hosen kaufen schreibt das bitte auch in die pm danke im vorraus

  19. Cleanest Shuffle Ever Seen.

  20. Monkeycripler says:

    i want this song!

  21. Monkeycripler says:

    lol awesome stuff

  22. thunderhorse1000 says:

    big phatts mate, im guessing they are 42 inch cuffs?

  23. Chronomatrix says:

    @pauliussuku LOL

  24. sasukeTORNnaruto says:

    you have wheels on your feet.. xDDD this is amazing

  25. sniffsumglu says:


    whos pitchmasterzz

  26. Sooooong nr 2 ?

  27. tysonfizzle1 says:

    0:50 shes hot

  28. xxteepzxx says:

    o shit !! i love u bulldog!!

  29. piemaster4 says:

    ur keeping meh inspired 2 shuffle =]

  30. DarkRockRipper says:

    holy shit… awesome XD

  31. i play footbal with this beast

  32. ccshufflers says:

    @1DanniiBoii6 yea im from brisbane lol.

  33. 1DanniiBoii6 says:

    isnt that at southbank? at 0:59

  34. Sealwithakiss26 says:


  35. Athiya1275 says:

    @ccshufflers thaanks .. cameron 😀

  36. ccshufflers says:

    @Athiya1275 dj duro the prophet – shizzle the remix 🙂

  37. Athiya1275 says:

    waats the first song caalled ?

    im desperaaaate D:

  38. oOTriggerOo says:

    I wonder, how come u do not lift off the ground? u move those arms more hectic then a bird! hahaahha lmfao

  39. BAZOOKA30215 says:


  40. what is the song called

  41. Stevewog55 says:

    dude your really good, keep it up 🙂

  42. soukoden says:

    Sexy glide at 1:17 – 1:19

  43. ifailshuffle says:

    nice 🙂

  44. Murder2k says:

    yea man ur shuffle is similar to sacco’s AGGRESSIVE..
    but still champ

  45. extreme0stunt0person says:

    @Torkiesaures no problem

  46. Torkiesaures says:

    thanks man

  47. spyrospyrospyro123 says:

    I know this guy cool as man

  48. hardstyleBAlishous says:

    maddd boi!!!!!

  49. 360BaNDiiT says:

    your spins 0.0
    your sliding 0.0
    your style 0.0

  50. Controljordon says:

    he glides like a mother fucker