This is my new fav hardstyle top 10 +1 I just fuckin love hardstyle music , hope u will love it too subscribe rate and comment

Hardstyle rockin. Want to dance like this? Free tutorial at
Video Rating: 4 / 5

50 Responses to “Hardstyle (shuffle songs) TOP 10 +1 Best Favourite”

  1. limespit123 says:

    omg head hunterzz and beastly…

  2. dark oscillators-nero wins hands down

  3. hardstyle842 says:

    best part is from 0:00 – 9:38 😉

  4. satizfaktshon says:

    sick songs

  5. DjB2Productions says:

    i think, i feel something the songs bro

  6. @marcus9117 loving to make fun of yourself ? 😀

  7. Gangsta9621 says:

    if u luv hardstyle the u HAVE to listen to Le – DJ settler

  8. asianboiforever says:

    nice songs

  9. killahownage says:

    paxi fixi is the BEST song ever i swear ya if i here this, imma rock rlly hard on da floor =D

  10. jacksontina6 says:

    Paxi fixi ♥!

  11. CHADarK758 says:

    i never noticed how awesome paxi fixi actually is =O

  12. joordy21 says:

    awesome man^^ indeed, 5/5 stars!=D
    Hardstyle best..^^

  13. StolthedenxD says:

    Showtek – The colours of the harder ztyle (Original mix)*******

  14. marcus9117 says:

    great vid but some of the songs are more jumpstyle than shuffle

  15. hb076duitser says:

    you have to lisen the hole version of words from the gang,
    than you get that feeling 😉

  16. karlidonjah says:

    hardstyle even dont going to die

  17. awesome! whats the first song’s name?

  18. saiful566 says:

    nice…….where can i download this music?


  19. Awesome 5/5 stars!!

  20. MrMessi10CRonaldo7 says:

    Hardstyle wil never die! good vid man 5/5 stars 🙂

  21. MyTacoB1tch says:

    meow ._.

  22. MiloMan5696 says:

    Really good vid man plase take a look at mine =D

    I rated 5/5

  23. cabot2jville2010 says:


  24. cabot2jville2010 says:

    dude, beast list, most lists on here are pathetic but you’rs does it

  25. goody.. 🙂

  26. MrKtiger says:

    The party is called Defqon1 if its in Sydney, the organizors are called Q-Dance.. jusayin.

  27. quanahverreycken says:

    You guys seriously need to come to belgium man XD this is awesome you guys should shuffle here there like lots of hardstyle/core events like upcoming february 2011 19the of february REVERZE : Call of the visionary its awesome guys XD

  28. ElectroRockerr says:

    i like the part where they move their feet.

  29. xFANCIx says:

    Does anyone know the song name? Please let me know thank you

  30. roohstylee says:


    ve ae :B

  31. dude typical hardstyle is not as appealing… as i said before… good appeal adds to the fun that’s already there xD

  32. Bi02007 says:

    Now Go Insaaaaaaaaaaane…

  33. Exileizcool says:

    thank you sir good song indeed

  34. arifcantshuffle says:

    @ZaksTrance yeah man! its HARDER! haha get it?! haha!

  35. hey i noe the guy in red phd @ the end lol ;


  36. lmfaok0ed says:

    @DSSCyril hell yeah. were in it for the love of the music 😀 and how we express ourself throught it 😀
    RAVE ON!

  37. DSSCyril says:

    Hey styles may be diffrent now but arn’t we all in for the fun?

  38. ZaksTrance says:

    dude hardstyle is so fuckin different now ..

  39. how is lookin’ kool lame? …it’s still fun… but now with the plus of having good appeal. to me when ppl shuffle freeform,,,, now in days… it just looks like they don’t know what there doin’ but still tryin to do it like everyone else aka it looks like they suk lol even though i know there just feelin it… all i can do is shake my head lol

  40. OsirisGodOfDef says:

    Nustyle happened.

  41. cruelconvictions says:

    Damn i stop listening for a year or so and bam!… what the fuck happened to hardstyle?

  42. mrpeanut25 says:

    Someone does something different, and its a joke?

  43. ExSLa1N says:

    DJ Isaac – Go Insane

  44. NEoxcss says:

    name off thsi song ?at start off shuffling

    pls i need this songs say me the name

  45. zzasserzz says:

    i think you’re a joke…..its fuckin awesome….lag effect heel flicking imparted into the shuffling……

  46. whynos666 says:

    man own style > all 🙂

  47. dragonx2040 says:

    Best runningman ever?

  48. timeforthelolz says:

    has to be…

  49. soo true ,rofl

  50. Smilodon93 says:

    lol… 2:46
    is that a joke?