songs used: blademasterz - master blade i just wanna be a raver trance generaters - prepare to die Karpe Dm - 8th Wonder Of The World(Jixaw Remix) Expose - Madagascar (Dark by Design Remix) everybody, i am kitty shuffler in this video, pretty sure everyone is talking about ben in this video, he is pretty damn good at shuffling this video is the video that taught me to shuffle

Josh & Jarrad Deep iN bat country (fear & loathing in las vegas) Funny thing was there were bats flying over us all night So me and josh got out shit together and we out for a rock, took forever to find somewhere kept getting hasseled by seco's till we hit the mall secos were cool with us being there top blokes! ­čÖé Some filthy hard trance beats and some solid rocking!

50 Responses to “hardstyle shuffling”

  1. whitehoovess says:

    hey, at least they’er out there doing something, unlike u just trollin,

  2. Ihatelads says:

    what* you* people* people* are* are* shit* guys* are* doing* doing* and* and* doesnt* have* you*

    hardstyle/shuffling/ melbourne are all´╗┐ stupid. Dont get all hater on me for that, I personally dont give a shit.

  3. russell Cookish says:

    i want those phats they’re so awesome.. and that guy is really awesome.. :)´╗┐

  4. amp04222 says:

    Where did you get your´╗┐ phats? O_O

  5. lonerkid7 says:

    those 40 people who´╗┐ disliked shuffle to LMFAO…

  6. varyproshot says:


  7. 42mrvladimir says:

    i cant even read your comment because i cant understand what the fuck your typing. please learn to spell.´╗┐

  8. pandamanrox says:

    whats your shuffler´╗┐ name

  9. kathrynEVEgolinski says:

    I can’t be the only one thinking to myself that he is going to hit something´╗┐

  10. Am i any good?


    Please don’t hate on me,´╗┐ just trying to get some attention
    Thumbs Up if i go alright´╗┐ :p

  11. MFSmadeforshuffling says:

    Check out our new´╗┐ shuffling video : /watch?v=ocU7awGy19Q&feature=plcp&context=C472417fVDvjVQa1PpcFNUbaV1Hk7XPgA0Gj2gVnfonjZBIusu7cU%3D

  12. MegaFourtwo says:

    Check me out I’m a beginner´╗┐

  13. NADZninjasnDinoZ says:

    I cant even…
    How do you…?
    Where´╗┐ do you even…?

  14. FunnyTV29 says:

    it looks like´╗┐ they’re wearing just socks! or r they??

  15. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    I am´╗┐ a melbourne/hardstyle shuffler.´╗┐ Check my channel! ­čÖé

  16. EpicFace135 says:

    Is “HSP Benny” A Midget?´╗┐ lol


    you´╗┐ guys were fuckin khaotic!! nice phats btw

  18. girluva23 says:

    can u guys watch my video! Its me´╗┐ shuffling to Starships- By Nicki MInaj! WOuld appreciate the feed back Thanks!~ deuces
    its on my chanel.. shoiuld be tha first video there.. please and thank you!

  19. codyeddye says:

    yer i´╗┐ know, i grew a fair bit after i bought them lol

  20. KairiiKaijuu says:

    @KairiiKaijuu *shuffler. damn´╗┐ you, autocorrect.

  21. KairiiKaijuu says:

    kitty´╗┐ shuffled needs longer Tripp pants…if that’s what brand they are. great shuffling though ­čÖé

  22. MrNINJAPERVERT says:

    Looks like hes´╗┐ just fuckin gliding across the floor

  23. Melchiiboi says:

    your´╗┐ clearly not from australia

  24. Melchiiboi says:

    yes but hardstyle shuffling is still different to normal shuffling because it usually is done at 150bpm on average and has alot more´╗┐ agressive moves

  25. Melchiiboi says:

    firs song is´╗┐ called beat diz (technoboy 2007 remix)

  26. heathscottpatton says:

    my 3 year son was just watchn this he said look look´╗┐ daddy rokn hard lol

  27. AicEzAii says:

    nice man ! Fking awesome… keep it´╗┐ up

  28. ShufflinClas says:

    So hardcore intro!!!´╗┐ Haha, awesome shuffling

  29. chromepker says:

    nice shuffling, looks awesome.´╗┐ ­čśë

  30. PDRandRAZOR says:

    Achik style´╗┐

  31. FirstStrikeOriginal says:

    nice cam song ist ok shuffle skill´╗┐ nice but style not my favorite xD


  32. PhAnTuMXIII says:

    wow…this is´╗┐ really awesome ­čśÇ i like your styles…nothing fancy…but really smooth and awesome ^.^

  33. iLoVePaRaM0Re says:

    Oi, What the H do you do to your shoes to make them slip? :)´╗┐

  34. XxKadeemxX says:

    You guys are so good and now im goingto get back into shuffling thxx ­čśÇ !!!´╗┐

  35. segadomcast says:

    Exactly as Hardstylestudi0 said, just keep practicing, watch videos if you have to, but you’ll find what works for you and then you’ll´╗┐ have your own style! Always best that way.

  36. bahinsane111 says:

    Devil’s Work by Side E-fect´╗┐

  37. GYPSYnhs says:

    whats´╗┐ the song called?

  38. iLoveYouSoooMuchRay says:

    marry´╗┐ me!!

  39. JGirDesu says:

    I decided to just work on my spins as best as I could without a tutorial and I’m pretty good at them Lol And the´╗┐ hand movements as well :3

  40. Watch BigMilan’s tutorials´╗┐

  41. BRiycK22 says:


  42. Hardstylestudi0 says:

    We got a special “OUT TAKES” video of heaps of funny stuff and rocking we never used and some stuff from josh’s 21st in newcastle on the´╗┐ way!

  43. miniswat209 says:

    3 people are jealous as´╗┐ fuck

  44. you guys are sick!´╗┐ loved the vid as usual, keep rockin guys

  45. Is the music just a random mix´╗┐ or could you tell me the artist please?

  46. Syphon4856 says:

    Because it’s Jarrad and Josh ya fuck.´╗┐

  47. ShufflinClas says:

    10,000th viewer´╗┐ heh

  48. samtherealone says:

    you guys were in las vegas?´╗┐

  49. jesseapps726 says:

    oi fat song do u know what it´╗┐ is called ­čÖé

  50. dalton1000102 says:

    You guys are both awesome shufflers, greetz from T.X,U.S.A
    G.A.M.E| Duke´╗┐