A little video i edited. These old dudes know how to rock!! Songs: Duck Sauce - Barbra Streisand (Kemikal Konjestion melody mix) FREE Download: http://soundc...
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Good enough to favo and like and share? Hello out there. Special thanks for my 400 subs! Made this video for you! My shuffle and edit fail atm hahaha, sorry ...
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34 Responses to “Hardstyle Shuffling granpas”

  1. George Wright says:

    @MrRemeax Haha i love your enthusiasm, but i really dont think it will lol

  2. omg even the old people are better than LMFAO… and their 60 and have
    alziehmers n LMFAO is 20… thats depressing

  3. When this gets viral, I am gonna be the fifth comment :D!!

  4. George Wright says:

    @infamy96797 Done πŸ™‚

  5. @HardStyleGeorge oooooohh yes this will. πŸ™‚

  6. Jake Bennett says:

    lmfao soooo classic

  7. infamy96797 says:

    funny vid you should send this to AMAZINGFILMS247

  8. HAHA nice 1 george

  9. DigiStealthOfficial says:

    Haha thats geat

  10. Roberth Greenwood says:

    God!! amazging brother!!! Keep it!!! πŸ˜€ fuck yeah!! i loved!! n.n -RobertH

  11. novashuffler says:

    GratZ on 400 subs dude Nice shuffle πŸ˜€ BM|HSU|BS;nova

  12. JumpingRosario says:

    Thanks so much for you guys comments! That really means a lot for me! With
    all love, Rosario β™₯

  13. MegaPhungus says:

    0:46 pause. resident evil?

  14. MouckCanShuffle says:

    sub Back men nice stylo

  15. FKN CLASS MAN! U KILLED IT! *o* LIKED!<3 -Grumie

  16. Mikepwner93 says:

    nice man ..love it <3..keep it going πŸ™‚ whats the name of the last song?
    greetings from germany πŸ˜€

  17. Drifter shuffle says:

    nice man, congratulations for your 400 subs πŸ™‚ +like . CP | DrifteR

  18. JumpingRosario says:

    aw bro, i love you β™₯β™₯

  19. Barefoot, and converse, your taste is like mine <3

  20. mrimpalaboy says:

    Sick stuff bro ! Need the songlist man !!!

  21. HardstyleKillerz Lucas says:

    dont stop rosario you my inspiration to AUS and the member leader of
    G.A.M.E ;/ love you bro ;/ G.A.M.E KaosRepublic Lucas

  22. you have improved soo much man <3 i love your style πŸ™‚ - Tiernan

  23. Khairil De Zulfikar says:

    yeah!!!!!!!!!!!! you better stick with this. wonderful track asian AUS! <3

  24. Ramonsayron says:

    Nice my friend! RosariO Sayron Bass Masters

  25. Anonymous_Fanatic says:

    I saw it too!!

  26. fuck yeah bro! awesome video πŸ˜€ congrats on 400 subs too! HSU | BM ; Dusk

  27. HardstyleAndrew1 says:

    So sexy bro! <3 Don't stop! You might not be the best, but you should still
    keep going! Anyways bro, at last, it is your own decision :p Love your
    shuffle & you bro <3

  28. Fuck yeah!! nice style!! like :DDDD att: NK | HSL // CoDy

  29. YEEAHHH‘‘‘‘‘‘‘

  30. BRO DONT STOP!! :'( your one of the best shufflers i know! i love this
    video so so much! please dont quit bro<3 GAME,IJS,PHS,JCI - Rookie

  31. patrick kaysen says:

    LOVE!! <3

  32. S.I.G.N bmx says:

    Yep Great

  33. Christian Gadgaard says:

    Nice bro πŸ˜€ – Im in ^^

  34. MultiGrayfox says:

    nice man