Hi.... it's my first edit in sony vegas) it's all my favourite songs.... end i dicide to show it to you... but for more interesting viewing i dicided add some shuflers vid... I have chosen the best in my opinion.. end so it has torned out in compilation =) but don't think what that is shuffle top! no .. only hardstyle 😉 Tnx for all.... comment and rate pleas... also subscribe on my vid's and if some song is required to you... i'l give to you it's name =) Here is song list ~_^ 1) d-block_and_s-te-fan_ft._isaac-music_is_why 2) builder - My life is just a demo 3) september- cry for you (hardforze remix) 4) Sol Ray & Dark by Design - Paradise 5) d-block_and_s-te-fan-music_made_addict 6) deepforces - harder (original mix) 7) d-block_and_s-te-fan_ft._wildstylez-the_human_soul 8) d-block_and_s-te-fan_-_we_be_kickin_bass 9) raveboy-dancing_through_the_night_(blutonium_boy_remix) 10) forgot who made.. but song name is - only the brave 11) dark_oscillators_food_for_woofers_ivan_carsten_mix_muzgruz.ru 12) bioweapon - cosmic destination 13) DJ Activator & Zatox - Freedom 14) dont now who made... - It's A Dream 15) gevaarlijke daan - gvd 16) kidd_kaos_-_music_is_my_weapon_(shockforce_remix) 17) Luca Antolini Dj - Heat 18) megara vs dj lee - musical society 19) Bioweapon_-_Music_Is_Life 20) Noisecontrollers - Promises And don't forget to subscribe, it's not the last vid =) Tnx for all)))
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hardstyle Top 20 and melbourn shuffle compilation 2010 ! You gonna like it! Happy new 2010 year :)”

  1. AlexMaster961 says:


  2. pyromancer948 says:

    can u give me some constructive criticism on ma new vid im in a shuffle crew in canada called voh victims of hardstyle and i just wanna be a better shuffler yeeaah

  3. RElikt94 says:

    @TheKenpachi1 Mby you are right, but read description, it’s not shufflers top, it’s hardstyle top, top of favoryte songs

  4. TheKenpachi1 says:

    I like these guys and i know its ur opion who u think is the best but i think rocky should be like 3rd or 4th and then u need mikki and all of hsa and then francis and bull dog there alot better then number 1 guy but thats just my opion plz dont be offended

  5. AlexMaster961 says:

    the first shuffler is so nice

  6. Hardstylehaha says:

    4 place
    mikki 4ever

  7. Technodude686 says:

    @willdickison D-Block & S-Te-Fan – We be kickin bass. Look in description for all songs.

  8. Raziel8143 says:

    @RElikt94 cant u respond to him like a normal person why all this hate :/

  9. willdickison says:

    name song 8 ??

  10. Nitemare54231 says:

    10 is doctor zot.
    i know cus i have it 😛

  11. contempbaby says:


    LOL. my ex goes in number 20, 19, and 17 im like LOL. aiight sure sure.

  12. deMagus1995 says:

    song pls from 6 place 🙂

  13. gothic2233 says:

    me likey 😀

  14. xSnOopKiNx says:

    rocky and (me) arthur klown ( 2:03)

  15. xSnOopKiNx says:

    im in 2:03 :))

  16. xSnOopKiNx says:

    noob XD cool!

  17. pizadawg says:

    respect for the first guy he has so much energy its good


  18. technoraverr says:

    Moonboy, AiiDz? Smh .

  19. sgtwobbles says:

    Wow, I’ve been shuffling for a year and after watching this video I can see that I have allot more to aspire to be like. Thanks for posting this and By the way I thought your little clip in this compilation was closer to the top 3. You really know how to utilize and conquer the space that you shuffle in. MEGA PROPS!!!!

  20. DJDV8allday says:

    @RazeProductions u are a stupid mother fucker shit ass tits donkey raping shit eater. its the music thats in order of which he likes it. not the shufflers.. obviously no one would put shitty shufflers in the #1 spot. thank you and have a great day.

  21. teh 2 artists you didnt know where doctor zot – only the brave and ganjaguru – its a dream

  22. unholypenguin4 says:

    14 was my favorite lol 3:10

  23. contempbaby says:

    i know number 20. 19, and 17 LOL

    😛 fuck what funny cunt 😛

  24. thesniperification says:

    Thumbs up if #2 should be #1… 😛

  25. dgka11day says:

    #14. Ganjaguru- It’s a Dream
    #10. Doctor Zot- Only the Brave