Playing my remix for Hardwell in Germany. A moment to remember, recorded with a phone.

24 Responses to “Hardwell – Spaceman (Headhunterz Remix) live at Atrium”

  1. GingerTimmeHHH says:

    Hold space for space

  2. Andrzej Ginter says:

    Man, what are you talking about? I have been a huge headhunterz’s follower since the very beginning of his career back in the time when he performed at defqon1 and then at qlimax b2b with prophet. ALL OF YOU complained about his style, that he had to change and become more raw. And now when he finally kicks freaking hard, you say that in the past he was better. Understand yourselves, if it hadn’t been for headhunterz the hardstyle wouldn’t have been what it is today.

  3. KevinRamaker says:

    Headhunterz please come back to Dieka(Markelo).. ik ga er dan zeker heen :)!!

  4. stefano98 says:

    Why the fuck would you comment on video of artist you don’t even like. Saying bullshit like you know its the damn fact. Get some balls kid and learn to mind your own damn business before someone knocks some sense into you.

  5. walkingdisaster1987 says:

    I guess Headhunterz is his own MC now..

  6. BurttMusic says:

    some people died on the first row?

  7. adamc96shf says:

    well said. headhunterz has an unique style, but not hardstyle, or nu-style. It’s gonna be called mainstream-style. Or how you said, crapstyle. Or gtfo from the hardstyle scene-style. I want the old headhunterz back, who had songs with badass kicks, deep basslines, leads made from saw, not from square, and deep voice-vocal, not singing. Sorry for my english 🙂

  8. TrentXmA says:

    If you hate it so much, gtfo. We like it. This song has alot of oldstyle mixed with nustyle. I honestly didnt hear one thing Kaskade uses in this song. And Headhunterz is branching out from Hardstyle making his own thing. Doomed, sounds ALOT like Skrillex. Lessons in Love was a Kaskade remix. Hes the artist. He makes the music. You write the pussass reviews that makes you look like a low life scum. If yo dont like it just leave that simple

  9. trocke22 says:

    Das stimmt !

  10. D4rQW4v3 says:

    this kid? this is Headhunterz pretty much mainstream faggot who tries to be commercial and without any effort he is arrogant and makes stupid repetitive music using same sounds like in previous song also don’t forget it’s no longer hardstyle it’s not even nustyle it’s crapstyle with boring bassline well that’s your god

  11. TrentXmA says:

    This kid? This is Headhunterz. Pretty much God of hardstyle.

  12. bart riezebos says:

    i wish i was standing there….

  13. War Geil *-*

  14. peanutsz321 says:

    it sounds like me playing with a door stopper….

  15. MNmOffical says:

    i want to be there

  16. djtunerz says:

    your face is so.. punchable. -_-

  17. MrsAleaiactaest says:

    Das Atrium ist in Kiel 😛

  18. JeLoAlKe says:

    the original remix is way better!

  19. MegaPilot222 says:

    I really love this song, you go Headhunterz! Respect!

  20. JCdotnl says:

    Mensen kunnen niet eens hakken

  21. iPhone4eveer says:

    headhunterz is party 😀

  22. germanbabyboy92 says:

    Atrium?wo ist das? also wo in deutschland? :O boah und ich war ned dabei -.-

  23. D4rQW4v3 says:

    this is just crap srsly same effects used like in kaskade and just added same kick .. srsly da fuq

  24. Fade2Great says:

    awesome that jumpin crowd 😀