HASC Late night shuffling @ Røyken. I do not own the music, all credits goes to the artist! Song: KAP SLAP - STROBE LIGHTS (Ellie Goulding x Deadmau5) Edit ...
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26 Responses to “HASC | LittlePhan & Peter – 3am”

  1. littlephan says:

    Thanks man! 😀

  2. yervand garboyan says:

    This is so fukin sick

  3. 😀 thats cool 😀 ,later if i have my own money in some years;) than i
    travel to us !;))

  4. Nice!

  5. littlephan says:

    We will 🙂

  6. littlephan says:

    Thanks bro 😀

  7. littlephan says:

    Thanks bro 😀 HASC – LittlePhan

  8. littlephan says:

    Thank youu ^.^

  9. Eka Suhendar says:

    ahh… i can’t stop see this video… can i know the track song? i want

  10. Charlotte Edvardsen says:

    beaaaast shuffling! c: !! love it!! 😀 HASC//CHA

  11. littlephan says:

    TakkTakk 😀

  12. Thanks man 🙂

  13. Bare ta det som ett kompliment, hvis du ikke har sett en Kollektivet video
    før, så kan du søke dette på YouTube “Revolutionary snowboard video”

  14. Thanks man! 😀 I really feel this video my self, since it’s a video I made
    with Peter 😀 Every video made with him is something I cherrish very much,
    cause they are found memories for me 🙂 Though, I do think I have some
    better videos in my opinion ^^ Both memories wise, expression wise and
    skill of shuffle 🙂 But I’m really glad you like this video 🙂 It’s one of
    my favorites aswell 🙂

  15. helt sykt gutta! love it! <3

  16. Thanks Panda<3

  17. so good! very nice very nice :DDD Peter has incredible flow…!

  18. Minner meg om en “Kollektivet” video, pgs editen. Videoen er fortsatt nice
    da ..

  19. millemeina says:

    AWESOME! You two are the best shufflers I can think off!!! Keep making
    videoes together!! Lots of love your…. HASC//Xióngmão <3

  20. Eka Suhendar says:

    I’ll waiting..

  21. NaikZ Arnaiz says:

    Like 😀 NaikZ♥

  22. HASCOFFICIAL says:


  23. littlephan says:

    I will see what I can do about this ^^ 🙂

  24. SticKshuffler says:

    Awesome guys :)) -SticK [SkZz/VF/BAg]

  25. littlephan says:

    Thanks man 😀

  26. Agt00DUECE4glOk1 says:

    nice tut