The Fourth Shuffle Meet Up August 15, 2009. Here are the shufflers in order: TiHB l Awzi TiHB l Koji TiHB/MI l Hekto TiHB/NEWB l Matt (Pingo) TiHB l Bubbles NEWB l Slip Hyo HR/NexGen l NCLB NexGen l Chaw HR/NexGen l Tweek NexGen l Blaze
Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 Responses to “Hawaii Shuffle Meet Up #4 (USA Shufflers)”

  1. Sektor7369 says:

    Ala Moana

  2. dahsk808 says:

    hahah rep tha 808… wheres dis at? i usually go to pearls or shuffle at my school ahah

  3. MrJkproductions92 says:

    @MrJkproductions92 thanks =)

  4. Sektor7369 says:


    Here’s what i can remember:

    Ganjaguru – Overload
    Hardstyle Remix of – Let it Rock
    Peace, Love and XTC

    the rest you can find here if you look thru the comments~

  5. MrJkproductions92 says:

    hey pretty good shufflers never knew they have shufflers in hawaii can i get the track list please ?

  6. sxcsKiTzYkitty says:

    @JDML4DY Om nom nom. I eatchu up. πŸ™‚

  7. sxcsKiTzYkitty says:

    @JDML4DY No, I’m calling you stupid, not STUPID. πŸ™‚ Why watch it if you don’t like it, try hard at nothing at life? You call us stupid for dancing, while im calling you stupid because well, you’re stupid. You can’t comprehend life, so you cut yourself, and probably think you’re all high and mighty because you left a bad comment and use bad language is that right miss? I hope you the better in your abusive relationship of a pathetic excuse for a transvestite friend, and your broken family.

  8. @sxcsKiTzYkitty LOL, you are calling ME stupid when this dance looks like a bunch of tweaking FUCKS jumping around like indians… yeah.

  9. PIGLETSTER91 says:

    Didnt know there were shufflers in hAWAII….


  10. sxcsKiTzYkitty says:

    I’ve tried to comprehend why people call it “hardstyling”. i’ve accepted them as completely stupid. you don’t like it, leave.

  11. i’ve tried n tried to think that hardstyling is cool is some sort of way. but its not…

  12. Idratherbedancing1 says:

    damn. slip. that is fast.

  13. sxcsKiTzYkitty says:

    getting there.

  14. TAKEyourCREATURE says:

    last song?

  15. Sektor7369 says:

    stay tune for a TIHB dance mix this weekend! πŸ™‚

  16. ReddChaosStudios says:

    i wanna know how Hawaii has soo many shufflers :S lol STL has nothing other than 8 or so. you guys are pretty good though, theres a lot of distinctive styles there! keep it up! check ours out [on this account] if you want =]

  17. 808heartagram says:

    The song an old mix The Cranberries-Zombie (Cold Fusion Remix)

  18. Idratherbedancing1 says:

    hey coooool πŸ™‚

  19. Sektor7369 says:

    honestly i forgot lol – why don’t you ask nexgen?

  20. Sickplicity808 says:

    What’s the songs in this video?!
    I really wanna know what the 1st guy is dancing to. xD
    That song’s so cool and I hear it in other peoples shuffle videos I just gotta know what that song is!

    that Awzi’s song…please & thank you!

  21. NexGen808 says:

    i didnt even break 2 yet XD

  22. Sektor7369 says:


    me, tweek, hekto and bubbles have been shuffling for almost 3 yrs πŸ˜›

  23. trafkone says:

    anyone been shuffling longer than 3 yrs?

  24. lazisk8ter23 says:

    Do you guys even rave? :p

  25. popandlockinhawaii says:

    cool mang