Check out LMFAO's shuffling contest at Enter for your chance to be in the OFFICIAL LMFAO Party Rock Anthem music video! Be sure to cast your votes for your favorite video (us of course). -----------IGNORE TAGS------- everyday im shufflin every day i'm shuffling everyday im shufflin every day i'm shuffling everyday im shufflin every day i'm shuffling everyday im shufflin every day i'm shuffling everyday im shufflin every day i'm shuffling shake that party rock is in the house tonight party rock anthem lmfao party rock anthem lmfao lmfao party rock anthem anthum anthim

24 Responses to “[HD] LMFAO – Party Rock Anthem Shuffle (BITCH!)”

  1. marcotiero says:

    Yeah, that’s the beauty of it! ;)

  2. bahdasz cindy says:

    i like the first 1 better

  3. bahdasz cindy says:

    we should shuffle together 1 day

  4. asdalkop says:

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  5. ronald leiva says:


  6. pakesboy says:

    LMFAO is stupid, immature and idiotic. Fuck you.

  7. malti1998 says:

    Look Up: Ellen’s Dance Dare Oshkosh, hilarious(:

  8. DirtyDonna24 says:

    Fab 🙂 well done ill rock with ya ! day! 

  9. xXJessicsMkWiiXx says:


  10. the ending was the cherry on top lol

  11. blagbumbigborm says:

    | |

  12. blagbumbigborm says:



  13. gago6450 says:

    In 4/4/2012 its 5,535,333 views

  14. lCosas1 says:

    Dios mio k ofensa para LMFAO!!!!!

  15. TIA55SAN says:

    llegue aqui pensando q habia shuffle…. pero nunca vi nada de eso… esto es una gran ofensa para lo q realmente es el shuffle

  16. TheBassbAndRock says:

    Good like !!

  17. 123warvan says:

    lol no, Me No U kuz EVERYDAY I’M SHUFFLING!!┗(-_-)┛

  18. megalaptopcila says:

    dime que estabas borracho porfavor jaja

  19. newfnshow031 says:

    I love this song so much, it reminds me of my ex. I found it by looking up a bunch of stuff on how to get your ex back and I eventually found “Surviving a breakup: Getting Back Your Ex For Good” by Matthew Mehra on Amazon. It helped me to get back the love of my life. It worked for me and I am happy to have found it. Anyway, I <3 this track so much.

  20. ilovemeganandlizfan says:

    my compurter is runung slow so yea does he like talk at the end or anythg and is there any bad words cuz i have to use it for a skool project lol

  21. x0xmaddielayne says:

    Wow, You guys are hot.  Gotta love a guy that can kick ass shuffle 🙂

  22. andziaandzia1991 says:

    likeeee (:

  23. hugohugo990 says:

    so these is where my downloaded version of the song came from?? i know beacuse on my song at end he reads the rabbit thing

  24. 0HypNotiQ5 says:

    Fuck melbourne It’s all about Malaysian bitches