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[DEC 20TH] Shuffle Meetup

not a lot of people turned up for this meetup, but it was still a fun day. I think it might have been because of the thunderstorms.[it was more of a fun day then a shuffle meetup] Watch comment,rate and subscribe ­čÖé THANKS 23/12/07 #1 - Most Discussed (Today) - Music - Australia #1 - Most Viewed (Today) - Music - Australia #2 - Top Rated (Today) - Music - Australia
Video Rating: 4 / 5

49 Responses to “Headhunterz Shuffle”

  1. Idk´╗┐ what to say this is too good

  2. russellcookish says:

    eff yea,,, AND THATS AN AWESOME SHUFFLING PANTS DUDE! your a great´╗┐ shuffler dude keep shuffling

  3. HardstylePanama says:

    but you know´╗┐ i am saying this as a joke all what i say is jokes and trolling

  4. JoshyyB23 says:

    Using´╗┐ socks isn’t cheating mate

  5. TheLuriel77 says:

    AWESOME SHUFFLE DUDE! And awesome clothes, green is´╗┐ one of my favourite colours! Imma gonna subscribe to you, keep the Hardstyle alive!

  6. AcradeSpy says:

    how much is your phaty´╗┐ pants?

  7. MrMarioanddaniel says:

    Yo bro……. can u tell me if my shuffling is good´╗┐ or bad.?._. i want an opinion from a pro ­čÖé

  8. HardstylePanama says:

    you was´╗┐ using socks cheater

  9. dutchman646 says:

    im gonna sub for sure i seen now 2 of ur vids and ur amazing + u love headhunterz wich is my favorite hardstyle dj (he´╗┐ makes me proud 2 be dutch lol)

  10. HardElectricKidz says:

    nice´╗┐ shuffle =D one of the best..

  11. Tristan5004 says:

    I See You Eat Grass In Your Spare Time XD Join The Crew ´╗┐

  12. elitepwner55 says:

    9000 VIEWER ´╗┐

  13. elitepwner55 says:

    I -3 your phats´╗┐ ­čśÇ

  14. tiptopruben says:

    why should he go bald he is an good shuffler and bald is more from the gabber stuff ime just saying´╗┐

  15. JordanforBulls says:

    i like youre wild style and its very funny when ure hairs are fl├Żing when´╗┐ u shuffle :DD nice shuffle bro!!! Keep on and dont do i like sacco or bulldog and stop it

  16. phattpants(dot)com

    *Sips tea*´╗┐

  17. SerenityBuilder says:

    nice shoes´╗┐

  18. LimettenMigelle says:

    where´╗┐ do you get this pants ?

  19. UGTproductionz says:

    Shit´╗┐ yea your good :]

  20. thepvpandpveguy says:

    faved. i love green :D´╗┐

  21. elitekiller0001 says:

    everyone best phats custom or pre designs are bought from alternate gear they produce the best sorry but i know from experience =) keep it up fella´╗┐ good shuffling

  22. TheSkillzzer says:

    Go to´╗┐ the barber.

  23. yay im the´╗┐ 6666 viewer

  24. BlackAxe11 says:

    whats the last´╗┐ song?

  25. TheSantyClaws says:

    whats yoda?´╗┐ short for yodaduh?

  26. bcmc2001 says:

    i have to say it, when´╗┐ fat ppl shuffle u cant focus on the feet….

  27. 101Dragonsword says:

    1:24 the kingz shuffle!´╗┐

  28. Kaskha64 says:

    Why was´╗┐ Mikki beat her with a newspaper? lol

  29. BrenBawks says:

    paxi´╗┐ fixi deepforce remix

  30. PVPguidesPVP says:

    1:50 Fat Boys can Shuffle´╗┐ D:

  31. SalgadoJonathan says:

    i know´╗┐

  32. screwxbox7 says:

    thx lol & its mikki´╗┐ at 0:39 0:40

  33. SalgadoJonathan says:

    Good eye, good eye! I have seen the picture´╗┐ too! xD

  34. AldoSevenvoldaqw says:

    5:34 can any 1 tell´╗┐ me what song is played in this part?

  35. screwxbox7 says:

    FUCK yeah man , Type in ” bulldog shuffle ” Hardstyle shuffle isnt dead and will never be ­čÖé but LMFAO Can´╗┐ die ­čÖé

  36. screwxbox7 says:

    0:32 LOL´╗┐ its sacco taking this legendary pic that we allways see .

  37. crustylion321 says:

    Shuffling is a gay dance lol, real men jerk. Thats why jerking is more popular because it looks better, and also we´╗┐ stole pindrop from you guys. umad?

  38. HardstyleMag says:

    go home mainstream´╗┐ fag

  39. HardstyleMag says:

    mikkis´╗┐ hair is jesus amazing

  40. kandikidify says:

    So there was this person who does the lmfao shuffle and I told them I melbourne and´╗┐ they said wats tht and I’m like :O WTF?!

  41. Dangerusandhidden says:

    i´╗┐ thinks so …

  42. zombieSHOOTER97 says:

    mikki is the best shuffler

  43. Charmer96able says:

    Is shuffling´╗┐ still going around in australia?

  44. mitchelsolis3 says:

    funny thing is that mikki hahha´╗┐ xD


  46. 1PhreaK1 says:

    I’m new at this ­čśÇ check´╗┐ me out ­čśŤ (shuffling)

  47. CriticalCruxifixtion says:

    Im a shuffler. Check my page! :)´╗┐

  48. drhuggibear says:

    mikki hair looks like the statue´╗┐ if liberty lmfao

  49. Bygvraae says:

    what’s the song’s´╗┐ name at 1:47 ??