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25 Responses to “HeatWave x Kustom Clothing Global Dance Competition 2011 – Kalamede (Grand Prize Winner)”

  1. @Mattyshuffles 😀 thanks man

  2. N I C E!!! ♥u♥ Tarkow | RSM

  3. Nachen Castañares says:

    @hardshivaa puto , XD hescrivi para la myerda (?????

  4. Nachen Castañares says:

    1ero amor ! :$ Jkadsjsadkjsad yo te allude !! meresco un kinder !! (?

  5. Toxik-Wolf says:

    we cual es la cancion xD se me olvido

  6. TheAespanol says:

    esta claro vas a quedar de los primeros like 🙂 y en facebook tambien

  7. @Kalamedeath hey friend and song is called please tell mhey friend and song
    is called please tell me the backgrounde the background

  8. Sí están en heatwave, pero este modelo no está a la venta.

  9. ShuffleDrifter says:

    Where’s my food!?!!?

  10. Paul Enriquez says:

    Yeah!! Song Name Please??

  11. Tommi Saarinen says:

    Maaaan ur spins r pure epicness *-* Love it! Voted 😉 Like -MSF//StorMii

  12. Agustin Ocampo says:

    Cual es el nombre de la cancion?

  13. @AshleighConlonxx im not god, im bad at melb shuffle, so it’s mainly nice
    try for myself.

  14. Rick Shuffle says:

    A me gusto mucho el video. Bailas genial. – Rick –

  15. HardstyleTeriyaki says:


  16. Carlos Mireles says:

    @Kalamedeath gracias suerte en la competencia 🙂

  17. Emilio Ramìrez says:

    Wasted Penguinz – Follow your Dreams

  18. nice shuffle ;P LHD/NQ IronHide

  19. Bziot Adam says:

    En el proximo video voy a sacar mis phats negros con mis suspender 😛

  20. rafaeloutubro says:

    NIce video dude Keep it Up!!! EHB\Rafinha

  21. King Kaisar says:

    The link doesnt ork:O

  22. Jacob Fuller says:

    @jeanpaul12ify Follow Your Dreamz – Wasted Penguinz

  23. CASPER13115 says:

    Excelente shuffle mis respetos

  24. @Kalamedeath hey friend and song is called please tell me the background

  25. Mattyshuffles says:

    i love the way you shuffle. good job on winning. :]