Steppsss : 3 [ if your a lefty do the opposite 🙂 ] 1) Slide on you right. at the same time doing so, you extend your left leg out. { keeping ur legs straigh...
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I've been trying to learn to shuffle and I'm good at the shuffle just not at the running man and I need help is the first way the right way and if so how do ...
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6 Responses to “How To BASIC Shuffle”

  1. Evan Tarvis says:

    your doing the running man a lil wrong you’re lifting your legs up when there in the back weird…i can’t put it in words maybe i’ll make my first vids and one will be for you

  2. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

  3. BoogeymanPLUR says:

    I like how your running man steps are really low and smooth. It’s almost looks like your feet are sliding and defying gravity 🙂

  4. IToweleeeie says:

    so hot 🙂

  5. sirios king says:


  6. TheJesusCrysist says:

    first way is right second is wrong
    also dont slide the foot back make it do a small jump, when the foot reaches the back keep it flat as possible
    to do it faster just practise!