Learn the history of the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, composer, poet, graphic art...
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25 Responses to “How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle : History of the Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. new to them 😉

  2. charliemurphy07 says:

    Who said that….. we used to do these moves in Baltimore clubs in the early 90’s…. We call it club music or house…. so this is old stuff here…..”shuffle n”

  3. It did not originate from hip-hop….

  4. charliemurphy07 says:

    where you think they got it from….

  5. Ysmael Ricardo says:

    Thats Good

  6. Mistahr Moseby says:

    -.- Before I even tried the dance, I wanted to know about it’s history. I actually researched it. Don’t take us all for fools, please.

  7. You said the same thing with the exclusion of the video reference.

  8. hey mr. hipster fag: Thats exactly what he said.

  9. I like your shirt C:

  10. this dance is fkn old and now all them silly lil kids are starting to dance it and they think its fkn new

  11. tayaspurlin says:

    I Learned From This Dude And My Skills Have Exceeded His !?!
    Practice Makes Perfect 🙂
    Check Out My Progress !?!
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  12. Why the hell do you have 138564 videos?

  13. packastacka12 says:

    thumbs up for his”i love hot moms shirt” but apparently not shuffle history!!! lol

  14. Stupid background music

  15. Snoop dogg..

  16. hide your moms!

  17. Jay Richard says:

    i remember seeing a guy from Melbourne do a similar dance in like 95 at a rave, it had more stompping to it and was pretty erratic.

  18. melisssahope says:

    I really wish he’d pronounce Melbourne right.. its Mel-Bin gawwwwh

  19. Carlos Zavala says:

    snoop dog

  20. TheCamsolo79 says:

    that is true, and while The melb shuffle is Australian and my fav shuffle…….it doesn’t change the fact that this guy’s an idiot………

  21. Bianca Wills says:

    Yeah, but it originated in Melbourne City, Australia..

  22. Yeah its gone. I tried to look for it recently as well.

  23. cant find the video 🙁

  24. @mathewung Who cares about the history? The cool thing is the dance. 🙂

  25. TheCamsolo79 says:

    this fool is an idiot………we were “shufflin” back in ’95-97, in the states