Learn the history of the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, composer, poet, graphic art...
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25 Responses to “How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle : History of the Melbourne Shuffle”

  1. new to´╗┐ them ­čśë

  2. charliemurphy07 says:

    Who said that….. we used´╗┐ to do these moves in Baltimore clubs in the early 90’s…. We call it club music or house…. so this is old stuff here…..”shuffle n”

  3. It did not originate from´╗┐ hip-hop….

  4. charliemurphy07 says:

    where you think´╗┐ they got it from….

  5. Ysmael Ricardo says:

    Thats Good´╗┐

  6. Mistahr Moseby says:

    -.- Before I even tried the dance, I wanted to know about it’s history. I actually researched it. Don’t take us´╗┐ all for fools, please.

  7. You said the same thing with´╗┐ the exclusion of the video reference.

  8. hey mr. hipster fag: Thats exactly what he said.´╗┐

  9. I´╗┐ like your shirt C:

  10. this dance is fkn old and now all them silly lil kids are starting to dance it and´╗┐ they think its fkn new

  11. tayaspurlin says:

    I Learned From This Dude And My Skills Have Exceeded His !?!
    Practice Makes´╗┐ Perfect ­čÖé
    Check Out My Progress !?!
    Go To MY Page !!!

  12. Why the hell do you have 138564´╗┐ videos?

  13. packastacka12 says:

    thumbs up for his”i love hot moms shirt” but apparently´╗┐ not shuffle history!!! lol

  14. Stupid background music´╗┐

  15. Snoop dogg..´╗┐

  16. hide´╗┐ your´╗┐ moms!

  17. Jay Richard says:

    i remember seeing a guy from Melbourne do a similar dance in like 95 at a rave, it had more stompping to´╗┐ it and was pretty erratic.

  18. melisssahope says:

    I really wish he’d pronounce Melbourne right.. its´╗┐ Mel-Bin gawwwwh

  19. Carlos Zavala says:

    snoop dog

  20. TheCamsolo79 says:

    that is true, and while The melb shuffle´╗┐ is Australian and my fav shuffle…….it doesn’t change the fact that this guy’s an idiot………

  21. Bianca Wills says:

    Yeah, but it originated in Melbourne City, Australia..´╗┐

  22. Yeah its gone. I tried to look for it´╗┐ recently as well.

  23. cant find the video´╗┐ ­čÖü

  24. @mathewung Who cares about the history? The´╗┐ cool thing is the dance. ­čÖé

  25. TheCamsolo79 says:

    this fool is an idiot………we were “shufflin” back in´╗┐ ’95-97, in the states