Learn how to connect with music when dancing the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, com...
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25 Responses to “How to Dance the Melbourne Shuffle : How to Connect With Music When Dancing”

  1. missisabelysantiago says:

    Challenge accepted. ¬¬

  2. jamarcos void says:

    awesome username bro :DD

  3. Robert Higginbottom says:

    I know right?! xD

  4. SpaceNinja49 says:

    It’s good thing they have the interactive transcript now. :D

  5. 420RaverRasta says:

    bunch of trolls stop haten, and go some where else, why the fuck would u watch a vid that teaches u how to shuffle if u just planned on hating it

  6. tayaspurlin says:

    I Learned From This Dude And My Skills Have Exceeded His !?!
    Practice Makes Perfect 🙂
    Check Out My Progress !?!
    Go To MY Page !!!

  7. thecommentatorman says:

    These tutorials are not that bad. But then I do all my style of shuffling then all the girls and boys around me is being afraid of me. LOL

  8. StevenWangMusic says:

    oh you WILL feel the music when u eat some candy ;]

  9. Melbourne pronounced Mel-BIN !!!!!! not MEL-BORN !!

  10. Kolia Shaman says:

    pause at 0:43 you gonna LOL i promise

  11. OxYGeNzROVA says:

    hmm seen a “i <3 hot moms" on most of the other vids so meh  I <3 HOT MOMS 2 !!!

  12. this ‘shuffer’ sucks

  13. Zabuza Thisisdumb says:

    you suck

  14. no its just like a real party

  15. TuxedoChibii says:

    I like MILFs too! 🙂

  16. Hana Olivia says:

    this vid is actually helpful

  17. i hear it perfect, i think u and those 16 ppl just need new speakers 🙂

  18. kingtimma15 says:

    totally agree

  19. XxXPrettyLikeDrugsXx says:

    snoop dogg you suck .lol j/k jk

  20. these tricks sucks, there aren’t on beat ;s

  21. martinuxas4 says:

    i’m better then him at shuffle :DDDDDD

  22. i like how people can see about 15 secs of him doing a SPECIFIC move and base his whole skill as a dancer on that. hey retards..stop goin on pages and sayin ” this guy sux go watch this guyz/ my vid” no one wants to see your or some random guy youre dick riding’s vid.
    and as a side note.. the best dance teachers arent the best dancers..their the best at explaining how to do it..so leavin comments like..he sux this guy is a better dancer literally means nothin

  23. RichardsADHD says:

    That’s what happens when some moron comments two years after the correction was made.

  24. i can’t smell that it has been changed so great job calling yourself a dumb fuck

  25. RichardsADHD says:

    That’s what happens when some dumb fuck comments two years after the correction was made.