Learn how to do the Running Man at high beats per minute as part of the Melbourne Shuffle in this free dance lesson video. Expert: Darin Carter Bio: Darin Carter is a musician, composer, poet, graphic artist, and dancer. Filmmaker: Darin Carter
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How to do the Melbourne Shuffle Leave feedback and comments please By -ScH- NuG

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  1. XiEscapeIx says:

    I like your T-shirt lol. πŸ™‚

  2. m4nd4lore says:

    your running man looks gay, hands up if you think that too !

  3. LeaNNe2oo9x says:

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  4. RainingCottonCandy says:

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  5. LetsRapeCow says:

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  7. LetsRapeCow says:

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  10. RainingCottonCandy says:

    Everyone is saying that he is shit because they’ve tried to follow his steps, but failed. And now they’re all mad because he dances better than them.

  11. RainingCottonCandy says:

    I think I know why you called him a shit cunt. You tried to do this dance but messed up, and you’re jealous because he dances better than you?
    Jealousy is not good, Lachy.

  12. RainingCottonCandy says:

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  13. RainingCottonCandy says:

    Is that a problem? It’s not a big issue, calm down.

  14. RainingCottonCandy says:

    There are some people who might be stuggling with this dance. He’s helping them. I don’t see the harm in that. This guy obviously dances better than you, or you wouldn’t have posted that comment on this video. Jealousy isn’t good, dear. You know, there’s a little “Back” button on top of your screen. If you didn’t like this video, you could have pressed that. How about you upload a video of your dance? We’ll have a little competetion. Then we’ll see who’s better.

  15. RainingCottonCandy says:

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  17. RainingCottonCandy says:

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  18. joebones1 says:

    most simple dance ever…which means not alot of respect at all in it.

  19. skeetinyomouth1 says:

    he cant shuffle..

  20. betoent805 says:

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  21. alexcagado says:


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  23. ShanAshton1 says:

    Why is an American trying to teach people how to do the Melbourne shuffle? C’mon Aussies get some vids up there. Good ones not crap like this!

  24. this not Melb Shuffle ((((((

    you Dance like Shit

  25. Delta797 says:

    sup snoob dog

  26. chinabaybeee says:

    omg your video made sense to mee finally heheh thankss

  27. @jeremy2071998 it really depends on how long you want to, the more you practice the better you will get faster

  28. jeremy2071998 says:

    yo dude how long do u think people should practice every day?

  29. jeremy2071998 says:

    This rlly helped me thx

  30. jeremy2071998 says:

    This rlly helped me i suck but now u helped me soo much thx dude your rlly good. πŸ™‚

  31. 54379034 says:

    This was very helpful, thank you! πŸ˜€

  32. BobTheEpicChicken says:

    this is probably the most helpful vid out i’ve seen πŸ™‚ my running man is WAY better now, thank you so much =]

  33. RileyHxxC says:

    i like it m8
    five staws

  34. octron999 says:

    do you slide or jump between the running man steps?

  35. G0H1LK4M says:

    Nice vid, props.

  36. riotgurl35 says:

    lol yea lik i kno how to do the t step and how to do the kicks but i still have to practice on the runing man and the 360s :]

  37. nativetommy says:

    best how to vid!!!!! helped me brush up on the basics

  38. MrXxBearxX says:

    This is one of the best shuffle vids i have watched! =) and it has helped heaps πŸ™‚

  39. you do know your an idiot?

  40. jrobe182 says:

    you do know the shuffle is from melbourne in australia?

  41. BauernkindTier says:

    wenn du es besser kannst –> machs!
    wenn nicht halts maul das opfer bist du…

  42. Doodoobops says:

    Great job 5*

  43. Madin1973 says:

    hÀßlich…. opfer!!!

  44. 2MinuteSoup says:

    hey very nice video..may i ask wat song is that at the very end? i know its just a little beat but it sounds real awsome xD

  45. nice tutorial!

    more helpful than most πŸ˜€

  46. best tutorial i seen on here !!!!

  47. OnkelzChrys says:

    fuck! i just did the running man the first time successfull! thank you! the best tutorial i ever watched!

  48. hellsingrulzz says:

    i cant shuffel on carpet
    but thanx for the vid!!!!!
    it really helps!!!

  49. Idogmovies says:

    COOL!!!im 11 and i can do the hole melbourne shuffle lol i might make a vid if i can be bothered lol

  50. Suicidesilencer91 says:

    thank you πŸ˜‰